Greetings and blessings from Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam

OmNamo Narayani
Greetings and blessings from Sri Sakthi AMMA’s Peedam.

Just last week we completed the Golden Grace of Sri Lakshmi Narayani retreat with 18 soul family members from Shanti Mission.

During the retreat we had the good blessing of exploring our relationship with the Divine Mother in the form of Lakshmi. This also coincided with the lead up to the August 24th Sri Puram (Golden Temple) Anniversary. Each day there were special yagams (vedic fire ceremonies) dedicated to 8 forms of Lakshmi that represent the different aspects of wealth and abundance that we need to live a happy life.

During the retreat we delved deep into our hearts to find and begin to express our life’s vision, how we feel called to serve in the world, with the intention of surrendering these visions to Mother Lakshmi Narayani and asking that Her grace to pour into them (if they where for our Divine highest good, of course!).  We wrote down our visions and added these to the many already collected visions of our Soul family members that were brought from around the world, and asked for AMMA’s blessings on all of our prayers. This proved to be a very powerful and transformative journey for everyone on the retreat.

During the retreat we also enjoyed daily puja with AMMA, and visited many of the charitable programs AMMA has set up for the benefit of society, bathed Vaishnavi (the Divine elephant), fed the Gho Matas (Divine cows) and attended full moon puja! We also had the good fortune of being able to be present for a special scholarship awards day (Vidyaneathram) where 1000 scholarships were award to underprivileged students entering college or post graduate studies in courses requiring very high marks, such as medicine or engineering. These students would not have been able to afford to attend without these scholarships. It was very heart opening to see so many lives being changed through AMMA’s grace (and thanks to those of you who added your donations!). We also had the joy of Maitreya leading kirtan with our group on backup vocals, for about an hour before the ceremony began. Sooo much fun!


The group also had the wonderful experience of receiving the blessing of the recently installed Sri Yantra. This Yantra gives Divine Darshan in whatever vision, energy or form best suits the devotee. Thanks to our training in unity we enjoyed 18 blessings, as each member placed their hand on the yantra and received darshan.

Another favourite time included our early morning Sri Lakshmi Narayani abishekam, followed by a sunrise satsang in the Star Path before we attended the aarti ceremony thereafter.  The Divine was so present in nature and our hearts were bursting with the joy of unity and so much love for each other!

Then, the day before the Sri Puram Anniversary, AMMA called the devotees to Her Sri Bhavan home, and performed a most powerful yagam on Her veranda. We were transfixed and in awe. Just the day before, She had taken us on the inner plane to a yagam that She was performing and we offered all that we could of ourselves to Her. It was a beautiful confirmation and continuation of Her blessing when She then did the same in the physical!

The final evening of the retreat we celebrated the Sri Puram Anniversary, with the culmination of the 8 days of yagam ending in a final yagam where AMMA arrived to make the last offerings. As the energy built the heavens opened, both metaphysically and physically, with sweet cooling rain pouring down along with blessings.

A procession around the Star Path was then performed with the devotees carrying 108 Kalasams (pot of the blessed water from the energy of the yagams). AMMA performed Abhishekam on Sri Lakshmi Narayani. It was a sight to behold and the energy was sublime. Then the 108 Kalasams carried by the devotees were offered to Lakshmi Narayani and Narayani Mangala, one by one. The joy and bliss was endless. The ceremony finished with the large Kalasams being poured simultaneously by the priest over the arms and head of Sri Lakshmi Narayani and then AMMA gave one last pour with the biggest Kalasam before coming into the crowd and splashing everyone with the theertum. Bountiful grace for all!


The next morning we all felt humbled and thankful for the many wonderful experiences and Divine blessings we shared. Tears of joy and gratitude were shared as we closed the retreat and opened our hearts even wider for the next step in this wonderful journey of life.

With endless gratitude for the endless grace of Shakti Durga, Shanti Misison and Beloved AMMA in our lives.


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