Alone and lonely

Lone trekker

Alone and lonely despite being surrounded by many friends and loved ones…

Empty world, despite the lengths I would go in keeping it filled up & busy…

That pretty much describes where I was at before finding Shakti Durga.

During life I had 3 major grief traumas which changed my life’s direction each time, making me tougher & busier. It was during the third and last of these that I found Shanti Mission.

I came with a sad tired heart and just didn’t want to hurt any more. Shakti Durga and amazing soul family helped to awaken my spirit and open my heart, and finally feel love for myself which had been asleep for so long.

It took me all those other roads to get me here but now I know that I am home.

With all of my love and gratitude, Chhinnamasta

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