Archangelic Temple

In October 2016 during a ‘Meet Your Guardian Angel’ seminar with Shakti Durga and Anandanetti, an Angelic Portal formed at the Abode of Peace Ashram & Harmony Centre. It’s an energetic opening, allowing greater connection and communion with the great energy of the Archangelic Realm. Many people have experienced blessings and love standing in the portal – view the video testimonials below.

It is open to the public, entry by heartfelt contribution. All are welcome to come and commune with the Archangels and experience the Divine blessings.

Closed Tuesdays. Address: 45 Kings Road, Cooranbong. 1 hour north of Sydney, 40 minutes south of Newcastle.

Read Shakti Durga’s Letter to Initiates: Portal of Angels

Archangelic Portal, Shanti Mission

Personal Experiences:
Angel Temple Testimonial

My experiences in the Angel Temple have been sublime – uplifting and joyous. The portal has worked some sort of alchemy or magic in me and affected great change in my life.

While I had done loads of self development work and lots of healing; I was still plagued with self doubt, fear of making a mistake, fear of speaking and writing – the list goes on.

I was really ‘hiding’ my light and it was very frustrating for me and (more than a little annoying) for those around me. I couldn’t achieve all I wanted to, nor could I serve the plan of peace as my heart desired.

The change started on the first day of year with the opening and has not diminished. Those around me have really noticed a difference in me – apparently I’m more ‘Radiant’ than ever before.

I certainly feel liberated from the prison of fear and self doubt; I’m more organised, joyous and positive and look whose writing now!

Thank you Guru for manifesting this portal and providing such an incredible, way to easily access the Angelic realms and allow them help in all areas of my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Jenny, Newcastle

Angel Temple Testimonial – Story of Healing

For the past 11 years I have had minimal feeling, except pain, in my entire right side resulting from a hemiplegic stroke.That was until I entered the Angel Temple at Shanti Mission. When I entered the Angel Temple for the first time I was flooded with a myriad of feelings. These included feelings of Gratitude, Presence and Love.

Standing in the Angel Temple I began to feel my whole right side from the crown to the right toes. Until this point in time I had no concept of my body in space. I could see it in a mirror but could not feel it. Since this experiecce I have tried to recreate the feeling of wholeness and have had some success.

I do this through meditation and have experienced some success.

Many Oms,
Share, Port Macquarie

Meet Your Guardian Angel Intensive

Dear Shakti Durga

I have been on the edge of Shanti Mission and the Harmony Centre for some years due to the involvement of my two beautiful ladies.  I feel it is a bit like being at the beach and watching these people enjoying the surf, letting the waves carry them about and loving it.  I go in but make sure my feet can still touch the sand and occasionally float. I then go back to the beach and think about what has happened.

I came to this retreat out of curiosity but with an open mind. Yesterday you took us to meet the Archangels up the steps into the temple. There was Archangel Gabriel in all his glory. I followed your voice and saw him with his sword, then the chair turned and there was Archangel Raphael. And you explained that he was a healer. I thought in my mind that this is someone I should have a talk to. I have had a very sore right shoulder that has affected a nerve down my right arm as far as my wrist. Yesterday I was particularly bad all day. So when Raphael appeared I asked him if he could do something about it please.

Next thing I remember we are walking around the out side of the mosaics out the door and down the steps. I cannot explain the complete black out of the rest of the Archangels and that loss of time.

My arm and shoulder, there is no pain just a little stiffness.

So I got my feet off the sand and caught a wave with your help.

Thank you,
Doug, Gunnedah

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