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Navaratri – a letter from India

Navaratri – a letter from India Namaste beloveds, after a wonderful, surprisingly spiritually activating experience of flying over here, it was a joy to meet with the retreat participants at the Ashram guest house.  Southern India is looking green and lush after the hundred year floods late last year, and the weather is surprisingly mild, which is an unexpected bonus. During this week of spiritual festivities, each of the deities is dressed and exquisitely decorated with flowers and accouterments, which denote which of the 330 million Gods they are ‘morphing’ into today.  The artistry is really amazing, thousands of flowers, silk sarees, ... Read more

Greetings and blessings from Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam

OmNamo Narayani Greetings and blessings from Sri Sakthi AMMA’s Peedam. Just last week we completed the Golden Grace of Sri Lakshmi Narayani retreat with 18 soul family members from Shanti Mission. During the retreat we had the good blessing of exploring our relationship with the Divine Mother in the form of Lakshmi. This also coincided with the lead up to the August 24th Sri Puram (Golden Temple) Anniversary. Each day there were special yagams (vedic fire ceremonies) dedicated to 8 forms of Lakshmi that represent the different aspects of wealth and abundance that we need to live a happy life. During the retreat we delved deep into our ... Read more

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