Stories of Moving from Head to Heart

Fire Puja, Yaga, Shanti Mission

Significant Shift

"I feel like the fires are truly working magic in my life in a way that I can tangibly notice but not sure that I can explain. I have been regularly attending fires for months, and I feel like something has significantly shifted within me. There is this deep contentment and peace that is there that I don’t think I have ever felt this consistently before and I have noticed a big difference in my thought processing too, with more space to make decisions and respond differently in circumstances that have previously been challenging. I’m feeling strongly called to be at them, even yearning for them, such excitement to be with the Divine. It’s ... Read more

Fire Puja, Shanti Mission

Navaratri Fire Puja

"I’ve been attending the fire pujas at the Abode of Peace since the beginning of Navaratri (spiritual celebration). The energy of the fires has been getting stronger and stronger and for me it awakens the Devi within more effectively than any other practice. Last night I was driving home from Sydney feeling quite down and apathetic, so I thought I’d stop by the centre and catch the end of the puja. I arrived as the last offerings were being made. As soon as I sat down in the temple my insides shook with the energy that had been generated by the fire that Shiva and the pujaris had attended. I received the Ruksha (blessed ash), theertham ... Read more

Heart Candles

From Illness to Wellbeing

At the age of 5 my perfect life was shattered, when the dream I’d had 7 days before of my beautiful 36 year old mum dying came true. The aneurism in her brain ruptured. 5 close family members left their bodies through the same illness by the time I was 14. I chose to be born in a family with a genetic condition called Poly Cystic Kidneys (P.K.D.) where aneurisms occur in 5% of patients and we share it with 12 million people on the planet. Like many spiritual seekers life seems to have big challenges. At 14 I’d learnt to be self-sufficient and not depend on anyone. Trusting others was dangerous. Everyone close left and I believed I was ... Read more

Energy Healing

Energy healings – the real magic

Today I feel unbelievably whole, happy, healthy, motivated. Its hard to think of a positive adjective that does not describe my state. Yes, I can say it is the result of decades of personal development, my ‘new hip’, but until recently I felt like a jigsaw puzzle. I was finding more and more pieces, but they were not all fitting together seamlessly. I am no longer that disjointed mess. Not only do I feel the pieces are found and beginning to really come together, but I now also believe I can paint a different picture, of a life that I only used to aspire to. For this I have to thank Shakti Durga and all the wonderful people and healers at ... Read more

Lone trekker

Alone and lonely

Alone and lonely despite being surrounded by many friends and loved ones... Empty world, despite the lengths I would go in keeping it filled up & busy... That pretty much describes where I was at before finding Shakti Durga. During life I had 3 major grief traumas which changed my life's direction each time, making me tougher & busier. It was during the third and last of these that I found Shanti Mission. I came with a sad tired heart and just didn't want to hurt any more. Shakti Durga and amazing soul family helped to awaken my spirit and open my heart, and finally feel love for myself which had been asleep for so ... Read more

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