Stories of Profound Healing

Angel Temple, Abode of Peace

Angel Temple Testimonial – Story of Healing

For the past 11 years I have had minimal feeling, except pain, in my entire right side resulting from a hemiplegic stroke.That was until I entered the Angel Temple at Shanti Mission. When I entered the Angel Temple for the first time I was flooded with a myriad of feelings. These included feelings of Gratitude, Presence and Love. Standing in the Angel Temple I began to feel my whole right side from the crown to the right toes. Until this point in time I had no concept of my body in space. I could see it in a mirror but could not feel it. Since this experiecce I have tried to recreate the feeling of wholeness and have had some success. I ... Read more

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, energy healing, energetic first aid

Lawn Mowing Accident

Somehow after 51 years of mowing lawns without an incident I managed to place my hand under the chassis of my mower while it was still going. I guess I now know how accidents happen…I was in a lot of pain as the blades went through the upper segment of my middle finger on my right hand. I knew I had to get to a hospital. I calmed myself using a technique I learned in the Path of Ease and Grace foundation seminars and in hospital I used Ignite Your Spirit skills and energetically cleansed my wound. Part of my finger needed amputating, and the energy work before and after surgery aided my healing process. There was no infection and a fast ... Read more

Ignite Your Spirit therapy

Red Back Spider Bite & Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Namaste everyone, I thought I would share this story about what happened to a man in our community who probably saved his son’s life because he knew about Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy. I hope it illustrates the kinds of miraculous healing that we are all capable of. And just so you know, our healing clinics are taking place at 11am on Mondays at both Canyonleigh and Cooranbong, as well as Wednesdays in Cooranbong. This coming Sunday we will have a special healing clinic after satsang in Cooranbong, and we invite anyone who is experiencing physical illness, accident or disability to come to the clinic and experience IYS therapy. We ... Read more

Ignite Your Spirit Animal Healing

Animal Healing with Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

In February this year, my inner child got her heart's desire fulfilled when I purchased a super cute munchkin kitten, called Maha Munch.  I live next door to a lovely family who have a gorgeous Maltise dog called Honey. When Honey first met Munch she was initially scared and I was told by her owners that she wasn't the biggest fan of cats at all. Honey is very social and likes to visit me. When she came over she would bark at Munch and he would puff up his fur, then run away and hide. This was occurring on a daily basis. I found it quite stressful and Honey was very vocal in her dislike of my kitty Kat. I did a healing on Munch trying to ... Read more

Heart Candles

From Illness to Wellbeing

At the age of 5 my perfect life was shattered, when the dream I’d had 7 days before of my beautiful 36 year old mum dying came true. The aneurism in her brain ruptured. 5 close family members left their bodies through the same illness by the time I was 14. I chose to be born in a family with a genetic condition called Poly Cystic Kidneys (P.K.D.) where aneurisms occur in 5% of patients and we share it with 12 million people on the planet. Like many spiritual seekers life seems to have big challenges. At 14 I’d learnt to be self-sufficient and not depend on anyone. Trusting others was dangerous. Everyone close left and I believed I was ... Read more

Energy Healing

Energy healings – the real magic

Today I feel unbelievably whole, happy, healthy, motivated. Its hard to think of a positive adjective that does not describe my state. Yes, I can say it is the result of decades of personal development, my ‘new hip’, but until recently I felt like a jigsaw puzzle. I was finding more and more pieces, but they were not all fitting together seamlessly. I am no longer that disjointed mess. Not only do I feel the pieces are found and beginning to really come together, but I now also believe I can paint a different picture, of a life that I only used to aspire to. For this I have to thank Shakti Durga and all the wonderful people and healers at ... Read more


Deep love and forgiveness

Beloved Shakti Durga, thank you for having the vision and commitment to create Shanti Mission. Since the very first day that I stepped across the threshold to the Sydney centre at Camperdown I have known that I was in the right place, home. My year of Therapist Training was one of dismantling the old me to create the initial weavings of the life I had dreamed of. That year I lost my job, home and community, my mother died, I moved house 4 times and was in financial stress. Throughout that year I continued going to class, received healings regularly and was diligent with the homework I received. The most significant learning experience ... Read more

Change Your Life

Personal transformation

Personal transformation comes to mind when I think of the last year I have spent receiving numerous blessings, healings, attending satsangs, meditation and taking the courses in the Path of Ease and Grace. Let me share my experience after meditation one evening and what resulted. As I was driving home after meditation at Finding Feathers, Fairfield CT., USA, I asked you on the inner plane, "Where could I work that would best serve you?" I had a fleeting thought of a company that I had interviewed with a year prior. The energy of the company was wonderful and if I could find a company just like that I would be so blessed. When I arrived ... Read more

Sitting meditation

I am immeasurably happier

Your mission has touched my soul and encouraged its awakening. By the power of the Divine I was guided to Bodhi Festival 2012, where I inadvertently stumbled upon all things Shanti Mission. The 15 minute free IYS healing touched me; how could my deepest truths be read so accurately and healed with such compassion? I have since joined the seminars, books, meditations, and healings organised by the beautiful team of souls helping your cause. Today, I am immeasurably happier despite having considered myself a pretty positive and happy individual before. I enjoy a much more loving relationship with myself as I do with all life forms around ... Read more

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