Stories of Transformation

Ignite Your Spirit 2

Energy Healing Made Easy and Ignite Your Spirit Seminars

The following testimonials were received from participants of the Energy Healing Made Easy (formerly Ignite Your Spirit 1) and Ignite Your Spirit seminars: "I am so in awe of the quality of this education, the potency of it, the generosity.  The whole weekend was a blessing." "The clarity of Shakti Durga’s delivery! The course was so easy to comprehend. This made it a delight to learn." "Thank you. Can’t wait for the next seminar!!" "The energetic transfer of Shakti Durga’s energy is amazing." "Best teacher and teachings on the planet. As always Shakti Durga was amazing.  We love and appreciate her eloquence, humour, wisdom and ... Read more

Transformational Workshop

"I have studied & understood how energy works for many years now & attended a multitude of workshops, programs & seminars & have been working toward using its healing powers yet never as profound as the Energy Healing made Easy (formerly IYS 1) workshop. To embody, experience & sense it in such a practical way was by far the most transformational workshop I have ever experienced in such a short span of time. It did feel as though every practice I had done till now was preparation, I truly believe that it is about knowledge applied, the true meaning of wisdom.  The teachers delivered the experience in such an amazingly ... Read more

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, energy healing, energetic first aid

Lawn Mowing Accident

Somehow after 51 years of mowing lawns without an incident I managed to place my hand under the chassis of my mower while it was still going. I guess I now know how accidents happen…I was in a lot of pain as the blades went through the upper segment of my middle finger on my right hand. I knew I had to get to a hospital. I calmed myself using a technique I learned in the Path of Ease and Grace foundation seminars and in hospital I used Ignite Your Spirit skills and energetically cleansed my wound. Part of my finger needed amputating, and the energy work before and after surgery aided my healing process. There was no infection and a fast ... Read more

Eagles perspective

More self empowerment and life flows

I found myself on the spiritual path 6 years ago. After being on the roundabout of life I was looking for a change. I was introduced to Shanti Mission and through their meditations and teachings was opened to a mystical and spiritual world that I never knew existed. The Path of Ease and Grace seminars taught by Shakti Durga have brought profound changes to my life. I use the teachings in my relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. With better communicating skills, setting boundaries and being able to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner, I am able to bring more love and peace into my life. Through these changes I have ... Read more

Change Your Life

Personal transformation

Personal transformation comes to mind when I think of the last year I have spent receiving numerous blessings, healings, attending satsangs, meditation and taking the courses in the Path of Ease and Grace. Let me share my experience after meditation one evening and what resulted. As I was driving home after meditation at Finding Feathers, Fairfield CT., USA, I asked you on the inner plane, "Where could I work that would best serve you?" I had a fleeting thought of a company that I had interviewed with a year prior. The energy of the company was wonderful and if I could find a company just like that I would be so blessed. When I arrived ... Read more

Path of Ease and Grace

Path of Ease and Grace in my life

I am so grateful and blessed by your presence and the Path of Ease and Grace in my life. You've helped me see through new eyes and open my heart to love. I see and feel the difference using the tools and techniques of the Path of Ease and Grace has made in my life. I feel full and overflowing on the inside. Any tears now are ones of love, gratitude and joy, not heartache, fear, sorrow, helplessness and emptiness. In my heart I know I would not have come through malignant melanoma so easily had I not had the Path of Ease and Grace, and all my training with Shanti Mission and Shakti Durga in my life. Thank you seems so small and ... Read more

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