Community Projects

Our community is currently working on and would love your support with the following service projects. Please contact Ganga for more information on any of these initiatives and how you can get involved.

Providing free healing for people with depression 
Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, Healing Clinic, IYSDo you want to help bring healing to people who are depressed, in chronic pain, and who’ve lost sight of that they can have a good life? We would like to employ our highly trained therapists to give healings to these people in need, extending the healing services on offer beyond our exisiting ‘by donation’ healing clinics. While our therapists will offer their services at a discounted rate, we would like to offer them some financial support to enable this community offering. Would you like to support this? Donate here (reference: Community Healing)

Renovating our Centre to build a nature temple
Would you like to contribute to the renovations we’re going to do? Donate here. (reference: Temple).

Renovating our Tuck Shop kitchen at the Cooranbong Centre – Thank you to our generous community member for their substantial donation for this project.
For this we need, kitchen supplies, an air conditioner, a commercial dishwasher. Do you know how we can source these? Donate here. (reference: Tuck Shop).

Building an Online Portal

From which our wisdom teachings can reach the world. For this we need professional user experience and digital agency expertise. $10,000 would get us started with scoping and user experience development.  Are you able to help with this? Donate here. (Reference: Portal). Contact Siddhi Shakti for more info.

International Spiritual Networking
At the moment we are trying to network with organisations in other countries who want the sort of spiritual content that we have. Does anybody know anyone who has networks in other countries?

Liaising with Men’s Sheds
Does anyone have contacts at men’s sheds. We’d love to hear from you. Contact Ganga.

Leading a Project
Are you able to take charge of any of these projects, even if you can’t complete the physical work? Could you negotiate or liaise with groups or people that can? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Ganga for more info.

Other Ways to Get Involved & Connect
Vision Groups and Prayer Circle from the comfort of your own home. Find out more.
Satsang, online via social media. Find out more.

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