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Opening Your Third Eye
01 Jul 2017 Abode of Peace Ashram

Opening Your Third Eye

The ajna and forehead chakras together comprise a part of the energy field enabling us to cut through illusion and perceive the ‘is’-ness of exist... read more

Shakti Durga
02 Jul 2017 Abode of Peace Ashram


Give your energy a lift for the week. A transformational experience of meditation, mantra, music, and discourse. Relax, let go of stress and negative ... read more

Fire Puja, Shanti Mission
08 Jul 2017 Abode of Peace Ashram

Full Moon Fire Puja

Devotional practices help us connect with the divinity within. Attend the whole session, or drop in as you are able. All welcome. Pujas are open f... read more

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