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A sense of belonging is vital to a healthy and fulfilling life. If you have been looking for a loving joyful community to share your journey, Shanti Mission could be what you are searching for. Some of the ways we connect include meditations, satsang, participation in service projects, cooking, volunteering, music, events, nature, gardening and various fun and informal projects that ignite our spirit. At Shanti Mission, people of every belief and world view are welcomed and respected.


satsangSatsang means company of truth seekers, being derived from the words “sat” meaning truth and “sangha” which means community. In Shanti Mission you can expect the inspired teacher to know what the groups needs and deliver the right message to help you right now. In a Satsang, our teachers use music, meditation, spiritual instruction/discourse and spiritual blessings (a form of powerful energetic healing) to help you reset, recharge and get ready for the week ahead. Afterwards enjoy a cup of tea and meet some new friends. Read More

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Music + Kirtan

Shanti Music to Ignite Your SpiritA great way to meet us is through our music. Come and feel the energy as our musicians bring the grace of their spiritual training and pour it into sound for the benefit of all who listen. Music and sound are powerful tools for healing and transformation. The vibration of sounds can reach within your being and into your soul, helping you to let go of old, stuck energy and experience bliss and joy!

Spiritual music and chanting is a great form of ‘active’ meditation. When singing ‘mantras,’ you can allow your mind to become filled with the beautiful repetitions of these ancient, powerful sounds and let go of troublesome thoughts. This creates a deep sense of peace and empowerment. Read More

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Sitting meditationMeditation is a key to higher consciousness and we strive to practice daily so as to facilitate peace, which helps bring ease and grace into our lives. There are many forms of meditation and we just need to find the methods that are right for us.

At Shanti Mission, we teach and practice various forms of meditation that are quite easy for beginners. Our meditations are generally guided and more ‘active’ than other forms of meditation, incorporating visualisations and practices to help release old energy from the mind, body and spirit. People who have been unable to maintain mindfulness practices or single-pointed awareness have found our style of meditation very helpful. We believe that all forms of meditation are valuable, and we are grateful that there are so many types of meditation available for people to find the style that suits them best. Our style of meditation is another way of achieving peace and stillness in the mind and body. Read More

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Workshops + Events

Spiritual EducationShanti Mission offers workshops and events of a spiritual nature that are of general interest to the general community. These events may include special events, such as centre openings, and events facilitated by Shanti Mission teachers that fall outside of Shakti Durga’s teachings (see the ‘Wisdom Teachings’ pathway. We have previously held workshops on astrology, parenting, self-esteem, business management and dance, to name a few.

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Angelic Programs

Peace AngelsAt Shanti Mission we offer a number of programs that focus on connecting with the angelic realms for support, inspiration and blessings. Most of these programs are held in the Archangelic Temple at the Abode of Peace, Cooranbong. It is a portal of energy allowing greater connection and communion with the great energy of the Archangelic Realm.

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Vision Groups

Our vision groups are collectives of people who are passionate about assisting change to occur in a particular area of life that appears to be out of balance or inconsistent with what we imagine a peaceful and harmonious world would look like.  The purpose of the vision groups is to use the tools that we learn at Shanti Mission, such as meditation, energy healing and prayer, to assist in bringing about positive change in the world.

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Prayer Circle

Prayer CircleShanti Mission prays with those seeking spiritual support and serves people of all faiths from all parts of the world. This service is available to anyone as a reminder that you are never alone, no matter what the circumstance.

The Shanti Mission Prayer Circle prays affirmatively, believing that Divine assistance is everywhere present and active in and through all lives. Our mission is to serve with sensitivity, compassion, and confidentiality.Read More

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Community Connect

Community volunteeringThere are Shanti Mission Facebook groups to help community members connect more easily. Read More

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