Deep love and forgiveness


Beloved Shakti Durga, thank you for having the vision and commitment to create Shanti Mission. Since the very first day that I stepped across the threshold to the Sydney centre at Camperdown I have known that I was in the right place, home.

My year of Therapist Training was one of dismantling the old me to create the initial weavings of the life I had dreamed of. That year I lost my job, home and community, my mother died, I moved house 4 times and was in financial stress. Throughout that year I continued going to class, received healings regularly and was diligent with the homework I received.

The most significant learning experience of that year was one of forgiveness. The type of forgiveness that until then I had only heard about. Through receiving healings, attending satsangs and retreats and using the tools I’d learnt in the Path of Ease and Grace I was able to come to a place of deep love with those I had once blamed for my circumstances.

I finished the year in a loving and warm home. I had an experience of love and friendship deeper and stronger than anything I’d previously known. And I’d been initiated as a student with my spiritual teacher bringing great joy and belonging.

Sometimes when old fear driven habits are so deeply entrenched we need a big shakeup to loosen them, force us to let go and become receptive to the life of our dreams. In hindsight, that is how I reflect on that challenging year.

Thank you.

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