Devotion & Heart Connection

Devotion means love with commitment. It is possible to experience and practise devotion to family, country, ancestors, spirituality, teacher, spouse, the earth and so on. At Shanti Mission we utilise devotional practises from different traditions as a way to honour and commune with the Divine, recognising that devotion is one of the fastest roads to Divine Oneness. We respect and encourage devotion to all paths. Devotion is born of the heart, engenders compassion and is how we learn to experience the Divine within our own being. It is a pathway to self-realisation and the unfolding of the miraculous.

We offer a number of devotional programs at Shanti Mission, many of which are rich in ceremony and ritual. They can be used as a type of meditation in which you not only use your mind and energy to access a peaceful and blissful state, but also simple physical actions in the form of ritual. They are rich in symbology, which has a profound effect on our unconscious, helping us to let go of the restrictions we place upon ourselves and to simply allow the Divine within us to be and breathe.

Come and explore a range of devotional practices and feel for yourself the pure joy of real soul connection and unity consciousness.

Fire Puja

Fire Puja, Shanti MissionA Fire Puja or yagam, is a ritual that is comprised of a series of offerings to the Divine, which is represented as fire. Fire is a fantastic representation of the Divine as it holds so many of the qualities we can relate to divinity, such as warmth, light, power, hope and life. As we make offerings to the Divine in the form of the fire, we are able to offer It our love. Focusing on the fire and the practice, we can forget ourselves and fall into an experience of deep, pervading peace and unity. We relax and regain our sense of wholeness. Often we are left with a feeling of gentle joy igniting in the heart.

View calendar: Fire Puja  –  Healing Fire Puja (fire puja with a focus on healing)

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To view more videos about Puja, visit our YouTube channel.

What people have said about attending a Fire Puja

“I’ve been attending the fire pujas at the Abode of Peace since the beginning of Navaratri. The energy of the fires has been getting stronger and stronger and for me it awakens the Devi within more effectively than any other practice. Last night I was driving home from Sydney feeling quite down and apathetic, so I thought I’d stop by the centre and catch the end of the puja. I arrived as the last offerings were being made. As soon as I sat down in the temple my insides shook with the energy that had been generated by the fire that Shiva and the pujaris had attended. I received the Ruksha (blessed ash), theertham (blessed water) and prasad (blessed food) I instantly felt better, my heart opened, my cares melted away and body filled with bliss, hours later my body was still pulsating with the energy of the Devi, joy, love and peace.” – Alice, Cooranbong

“I feel like the fires are truly working magic in my life in a way that I can tangibly notice but not sure that I can explain. I have been regularly attending fires since Navaratri, and I feel like something has significantly shifted within me. There is this deep contentment and peace that is there that I don’t think I have ever felt this consistently before and I have noticed a big difference in my thought processing too, with more space to make decisions and respond differently in circumstances that have previously been challenging. I’m feeling strongly called to be at them, even yearning for them, such excitement to be with the Divine. It’s amazing, feels beautiful, and so loving. It’s opening me up in so many ways. Totally loving the fires!”  – Jyotishakti, Fennel Bay


All of the pujas are open for sponsorship. You don’t need to be physically present to sponsor the ceremony. Sponsoring a puja connects the recipient of the sponsorship in a more direct relationship with the energy and blessings flowing from the ceremony. You may wish to arrange sponsorship as a gift on behalf of loved ones, or for the benefit of your community. To sponsor a puja using our online form, click here.

Please email the reception at the Abode of Peace: info @; or the Southern Highlands southernhighlands @ to arrange.

Daily Fire Pujas (except Tues)Contact Abode of Peace reception to book: or (02) 4977 3300

Sponsor a Puja

Sponsorship Testimonial

“In August 2016, I sponsored the puja for the donation of a cow and calf in Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam. I sponsored the puja with the intention of receiving healing for a pattern my body had of going into trauma response in certain situations where there was no threat. I’d had this pattern my whole life. I’d had healing from several different modalities including Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) but it had not shifted, and sometimes the response was so severe I couldn’t think or function. I felt profound energy at the puja but the pattern had not been healed. When I returned home I had a healing with Savitur where we uncovered the root of the pattern and healed it.  I believe that the karmic grace I received from sponsoring the puja allowed the pattern to be healed and the fact that it happened in an IYS healing gave me the opportunity, and Savitur, to learn how to heal it in others.” – Alice, Cooranbong [/read]


AbhishekamAbhishekam is a rich devotional practice in which a statue of a deity is bathed and ritually dressed. A deity is a form of the Divine. The Divine is infinite and pervades everything, including us! Yet often, we are not able to see the Divine in ourselves, or in the immediate world around us, because of our conditioning. By offering our devotion to the Divine as it is found in the deity we are bathing, we start to remember that the Divine is everywhere. As we honour the Divine in the form we can see before us, we are also remembering, honouring and awakening the Divine within our hearts. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Although we use statues primarily from the Hindu tradition, you could do abhishekam with any statue, such as Jesus or Buddha. Pujas and abhishekam can actually be done to anything with the right intention, because the Divine pervades and permeates everything. The goal is to use the practice to clear the mind and then enter into a state of devotion and love for the Divine in all. You can use the object or deity that best represents that for you.

View calendar: Abhishekham

To view more videos about Puja, visit our YouTube channel. [/read]

Sacred Music

Maitreya, Shanti Mission teacher, kirtan artistCome and feel the energy as our musicians bring the grace of their spiritual training and pour it into sound for the benefit of all who listen. We use mantras and songs from various spiritual traditions and the music takes us on a journey into bliss. ‘Kirtan’ is a Sanskrit term for a type of devotional music which often includes ‘call and response’, allowing everyone to be part of the music creation.

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Mala and prayerThe word “mantra” comes from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and means the repetition of a sound, word or phrase during prayer or meditation. At Shanti Mission we often recite mantra during Puja, as well as being sung during Sacred Music and Kirtan. In addition to these events we occasionally offer programs where you can learn more about why and how we chant mantra.

“Mantra empowers our soul and is the spiritual science of sound”. Shakti Durga (Strength of the Soul)

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Download Mantras

33 Names of Durga PDF
Contemplation Temple Mantras – PDF
Fire Puja Mantras – Fire Puja Mantras PDF [/read]

Workshops + Events

At Shanti Mission we often celebrate events of the religious traditions of the world and these events often have a strong devotional component to them. These include major Hindu festivals such as Navaratri and Shivaratri and celebrations from the Christian tradition. 

We also offer workshops where you can learn about devotion and puja, including how to conduct your own personal puja practice.

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