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Tree of KnowledgeShakti Durga is passionate about expanding consciousness and learning about the mysteries of life contained within the broad range of spiritual teachings from around the world.

Whether you’re interested in an occasional seminar, workshop or a lifelong path of learning, Shanti Mission has much to offer.

The starting point for study within Shanti Mission is the Path of Ease and Grace foundation seminars.

We also offer numerous workshops including sound healing, developing your intuition, using spiritual concepts to improve your business, coming into more alignment with your purpose, and courses about the mysteries contained in various spiritual paths like yoga, Kabbalah, tantra, Vedic studies, esoteric Christianity and Buddhism.

Shanti Mission registered teachers have qualified through an extensive training program over many of years of study with Shakti Durga.

Foundation Seminars of the Path of Ease & Grace

The Path of Ease and Grace interactive courses are taught in easy to understand steps that allow learning at your own pace through a series of inspiring seminars, designed for everyone. The Path of Ease and Grace provides the tools and skills that allow us to connect to a deeper level of our own consciousness, so we can overcome obstacles, heal relationships, cultivate deeper, satisfying connection to family, enjoy better health and open to a life of greater abundance. Our exciting and inspiring teachings lead to a life of strength, wisdom and wealth and the ability to ignite your spirit even in challenging times.

There are nine foundations seminars in the Path of Ease & Grace. Seminars build on the knowledge shared in earlier seminars. The entry level seminars are Ignite Your Spirit 1 and Empowering Relationships 1.

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Stage One – Spirited and Empowered

Ignite Your Spirit, IYSIgnite Your Spirit

Learn simple energy healing techniques, how to perceive your chakras and energy body, how we are interconnected with all of life through our energy centres, and how changing the energy of a situation can change your life.

View calendar: Ignite Your Spirit 1  –  Ignite Your Spirit 2


Empowering RelationshipsEmpowering Relationships

Be empowered to have great relationships even in challenging circumstances. Learn skills for holding more love, intimacy and authenticity in relationships.

View calendar: Empowering Relationships 1  –  Empowering Relationships 2


Stage Two – A Brighter Future

Yoga of the MindYoga of the Mind

Learn to still your mind and use ancient techniques to erase negative thought patterns, fears and self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Harness your mind as an instrument of your soul.

View calendar: Yoga of the Mind


Dimensions of Wealth, Anchoring Heaven on EarthDimensions of Wealth

Explores the art of natural manifesting, healing blocks to wealth creation, empowering you with tools and skills to help attract the life you desire.

View calendar: Dimensions of Wealth


Stage 3 – Amazing Grace

Spiritual MasterySpiritual Mastery

Reveals the spiritual laws that are the fabric of creation, and how working with these Universal Laws and hallmarks and mastery connects you to the realm of infinite possibilities for the life you are seeking to create.

View calendar: Spiritual Mastery 1  –  Spiritual Mastery 2

Anchoring Heaven on Earth

Find your spiritual wealth and anchor a vibrant, fulfilling and inspiring vision for your future. As we continue our evolutionary journey the power of the miraculous makes itself known through us. We enter into the flow of grace and put together everything we have so far learned on the Path of Ease and Grace.

View calendar: Anchoring Heaven on Earth


Workshops and Intensives/Retreats

Shanti Mission offers short workshops, weekend intensives and mid-week retreats that provide an opportunity to go deeper with the teachings of Shanti Mission, without the long-term commitment of our training programs. Shakti Durga usually facilitates these programs and they are generally open for everyone, without any prerequisites. The programs are tailored toward the energy of the group that attends, so the right teachings are conveyed at the right time, in a manner where you can breathe them in and find the joy of an ignited spirit.

View calendar: Retreats + Intensives  –  Workshops and Events

Higher Learning

Mystery SchoolWisdom Pathway

The treasury of the Mystery School is open to those who have completed the Foundation seminars and are financial supporters of Shanti Mission through our Friends of Shanti Mission program.

Here we study the world’s great faiths and spiritual traditions, experience their richness, and partake of sacred rituals and ceremonies that wake us up to the glory of creation. We look at the mystical roots, Divine philosophy and practical life changing essence of each faith. We study Vedic, Egyptian, Celtic, Buddhist and Christian mysteries as well as Kabbalah, New Thought, Paganism and Indigenous faiths. We find commonalities and explore paradigms in an experiential, meditational and participatory way. We deepen our respectful understanding of them all. Learning about other faiths helps us to go deeper in the realisation of our own path, alleviates fear of differences and deepens peace.

View calendar: Mystery School

Make a Difference Training

Building upon the Foundation Seminars, in the Make a Difference program you will go deeper with meditation, work constructively with change, overcome inner fears, develop and refine communication and relationship skills, learn to deal with obstacles and solve problems in a high vibrational way.

These skills transfer from home to work; you will learn how to clear negativity and engender peaceful effectiveness in your workplace. Be empowered in conflict resolution, finding a way to the highest outcome for everyone.

Self-Realisation Training

Our Self-Realisation Training offers an opportunity to go deep with the teachings from the foundation seminar series. This training leaves no stone unturned in finding the Divine within, working through deep issues, and experiencing tremendous spiritual states of consciousness from which one can contemplate and shed light on our lives. Such a strong bond develops between the participants in this training, deep friendships are made and the love, help and support that is available is rare and precious. Self-Realisation Training offers six semesters of training that can be taken in three years, or spread out longer so that you can savour the learning and integrate it into your life.

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Become a Spiritual Teacher

Vocational training to become a world class illumined spiritual teacher and give back after receiving so much grace and wisdom. Part of the training is participation in the Self-Realisation, and Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapist training programs, as well as further study specifically to do with teaching.  Ongoing teacher training, professional and spiritual development and supportive mentoring are part of the rich fabric of Shanti Mission.

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