Donation Guidelines

bigstock-Hearts-drawn-on-the-sand-of-a--43411627Why do we offer most of our courses and meditations by donation? It’s simple, because thousands of people have done them, and they work! Shakti Durga’s teachings are a vehicle for profound transformation to bring more love, joy, peace and wealth into your life. We believe in providing everyone an opportunity for a pathway to empowerment and self-realisation, regardless of their financial situation.

Some people have told us that they would like a guideline about what to give and more information about the costs of running a course or attending a meditation. There is no ‘correct’ amount to give, as everyone’s situation is different. When you donate for an event at Shanti Mission we ask that you consider what you have received from the event and what you can afford to pay. By doing so you are honouring yourself, by not giving more than you can afford, and honouring the Law of Flow, a spiritual law that states that as you give, you open the door for what you need to come to you.

If you come for a short program such as Satsang, meditation or healing clinic, compare what you receive to the price of other services such as a yoga class or massage. Or if you feel uplifted by going out for dinner with friends or going to a movie, compare what you receive to the price of these activities. We invite you to look into your heart and ask yourself if you are getting more or less from the meditation or healing and contribute accordingly.

The same theory can be applied to our longer programs and intensives, which can run over several days. Commercial rates for high-calibre weekend personal development seminars in Australia can start from $300-$450.

When we attend a program and give a donation we are receiving, and give accordingly for that which we have received, we welcome all donations, whether large or small. Your donations help to pay our running costs and your event contributions help to pay the teachers and cover the cost of course resources. There is an opportunity to give for others to receive by joining Friends of Shanti Mission, or make a donation via Online Giving. Donations for seminars and events can usually be made on the day.


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