Energy healings – the real magic

Energy Healing

Today I feel unbelievably whole, happy, healthy, motivated. Its hard to think of a positive adjective that does not describe my state. Yes, I can say it is the result of decades of personal development, my ‘new hip’, but until recently I felt like a jigsaw puzzle. I was finding more and more pieces, but they were not all fitting together seamlessly. I am no longer that disjointed mess. Not only do I feel the pieces are found and beginning to really come together, but I now also believe I can paint a different picture, of a life that I only used to aspire to.

For this I have to thank Shakti Durga and all the wonderful people and healers at Shanti Mission. But I believe it is the energy healings I have been having that is the real magic, the key that has unlocked me.

As a seeker, I often asked myself “why am I not succeeding?”. I could identify so many issues, do so many affirmations, but was still not achieving my hearts desire. In my own practice, I could heal people and apparently change their lives, but mine? With IYS therapy, this all seams to be a thing of the past.

When growing psychologically, we will unearth past pains, and cry, process many emotions, identify negative programmes and feel relief.  This is good, but do our patterns change? If my programing started in the womb and was well set before I reached the age of reason will reason correct it? This has not been my reality.

I started healings with a belief, unstated to my first healer, that my ‘stuff’ was past life and pre-birth. Wanting simultaneously to both trust and test the healers and not determine erroneously what I thought the problem was, I went into that, and subsequent healing, asking my therapist to find the ‘guck’ in my aura and determine what needed to be done.

First healing, first five mins, “I can’t tell if it’s past life or pre-birth, but lets work here”. I haven’t looked back. Every week I am amazed at what they see, feel and tell me. Yesterday I awoke to Vidya’s Saraswati chant sounding in my head. At Abhishekam I felt so inspired during puja to her I decided to devote myself specifically to that deity, something I have never felt or done. During my healing my therapist called on Saraswati, as she saw her standing behind me so clearly.

Laugh with me. I am not healed. I am better. I am born again. I can now move past the first stage of The Eightfold path and truly grow, in light, love and life.

A Tonks, Lambton

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