Light up the World – World Service Meditation with Shakti Durga

From Friday, 09 November 2018 10:00 AM

To Friday, 09 November 2018 12:00 PM

Event ID: 23535

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Abode of Peace

45 Kings Road

Cooranbong Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300



In-Person Attendance Registration Fee (not including weekly donation) - $99.00

On-Line Attendance Registration Fee - (not including weekly donation) - $99.00

Event Details

Learn techniques for life balance, well-being and inner peace:

Relax, relieve stress and anxiety, calm your mind, feel more grounded and peaceful, activate your energy.

Meditation has been known to improve health and wellbeing, clear the mind, improve concentration, deepen self-awareness, and connect us to a bigger picture of life.

Come and discover our unique style of guided meditation. Experience this amazing transformational and empowering practice. Feel the peace.

Watch Shakti Durga’s video describing our unique meditation style: Shanti Mission Meditation

Do you feel despondent about the state of the world, does it upset or worry you about certain aspects of our world and culture? Are you worried about the world you are leaving for your children?  Does watching the news make you feel sad, angry, or disempowered?  Do you think: “What can I do?”

I know what it’s like to feel despondent sometimes about what is going on in the world. Being passionate about consciousness and its evolution, it is painful to look around and see so much craziness happening, by people who think they are doing the right thing!  When locked into an astral matrix of disempowering ways of doing things, the outcomes that we experience in our world are less than optimal.

Offered to Friends of Shanti Mission $99 one off Registration Fee and Meditations offered by weekly Donation.

Years ago I received guidance to commence vision groups, which would work in the Astral field.  The idea is that we bring our light and love to specific areas of blockage or limitation in the public arena, and we merge as one to dissolve and disintegrate blockages to peace, love, harmony and higher consciousness. We worked on such topics as: education, health, political process, environment,  status of women, men’s groups, treatment of animals, and also lent support by way of light work to help reduce the severity of natural disasters to which some member of our group had a personal connection. Other things intervened, but it feels like time to expand into the next turn of the spiral with this work.

Even more exciting is that through online class we can join with people right round the world to bring illumination and inspiration to help and serve others.

Sydney         10am Friday

China         7.00am Friday

Delhi          4.30am Friday

Berlin         midnight Thursday night

London     11pm Thursday

New York   6pm Thursday

Denver        4pm Thursday

San Diego   3pm Thursday

This kind of service is priceless and really good karma!  We are also healing a layer of the issues and problems held perhaps unconsciously within our selves.

These meditations are offered by donation. Even though we are coming together to give service, which of itself is amazing, we give to support the peace work of Shanti Mission.

  • To participate in this class is massive grace.
  • Your inner illumination will grow.
  • Your consciousness will accelerate.
  • Your clarity of mind and capacity to see through illusion will become stronger. Your mastery over duality and maya will be strengthened,
  • you will be guided to engender more love, bliss and spiritual activation for each participant, depending upon your capacity to receive.

Are you committed to your own path of self-realisation? Do you want a ride in the express lane to become a shining one, that spiritual masters the world over recognize?   When we give, forgive and serve, our capacity as light workers expands.  Class members have the opportunity to be Friends of Shanti Mission, making a financial commitment to our work of healing, awakening the inner light and empowering better relationships.

If you are unable to attend this class, you may wish to donate to support it, as it is priceless work, bringing forth new potentials for the human race. Your contribution to Friends of Shanti Mission helps not only to spread the work of Shakti Durga to bring peace, it gives us the opportunity to express gratitude, and develop punya (grace).

The class will be between 90 mins to 2 hours and recordings will be made available to those supporting and participating in the class.

Facilitated by: Shakti Durga.



To be announced

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