Boost Your Wealth – Monetize Your Potential

From Saturday, 07 September 2019 10:00 AM

To Sunday, 08 September 2019 05:00 PM

Event ID: 24738

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Abode of Peace

45 Kings Road

Cooranbong Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300



In Person Attendance - $220.00

Online Attendance - $220.00

Event Details

Boost Your Wealth

Align with your soul’s motivation to attract wealth. We can be spiritual as well as abundant, yet for many there is a disconnect on this issue. If we turn away from mainstream or corporate roles, we can find it hard to create a new abundant life.

We have perhaps heard that our mindset plays a large role in how we create our own reality.

Now, there are scientific studies which back up this assertion. Formerly this was only known to mystics and those who were highly spiritually educated.

During this seminar Shakti Durga will share some of the new science and new energy techniques to take you to the next level of your empowerment with money. Go on a mystical journey into your own inner truth, experience the truth of that Ancient wisdom for yourself.

Set your spirit free from past limiting beliefs, fear of success, apathy and hopelessness. Become empowered in your relationship with money.

Learn the 9 secrets of money

Open to a future that looks nothing like your past!

Remember, everything that has ever happened to us becomes the sacred foundation of a deeply meaningful, satisfying and rich dance of spirited life, love and abundance.

  • Do you think that freedom and money are mutually exclusive?
  • Are you sitting back and expecting the Universe to deliver to you everything you need without much effort on your part?
  • Are you committed to being financially abundant?
  • Have you used affirmations until you are blue in the face without success?
  • Have you read all the abundance books but don’t get the results?
  • Do you feel stress concerning money and security?
  • Are you looking for a real boost?
  • Have you heard of The Secret, but still you struggle with attainment of abundance and flow?

Even working hard and changing the way we think, there are gaps that only awareness of your soul and spirit will fill.

This is different from any other seminar on wealth, because you are in the presence of a grounded, intelligent, western educated master teacher whose spiritual presence can help to kick start your energy field on a road to abundance and conscious creation.

When you align with your higher soul and your spirit, amazing miracles happen.

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Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is a master spiritual teacher and healer, author and sacred musician. Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, with the goal of igniting the divine spark within everyone. She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission. Visit for more information, books, CDs, inspirational card decks and guided meditations.

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