Empowering Relationships 1 – (Over 3 Weeks)

From Tuesday, 08 September 2015 10:00 AM

To Tuesday, 08 September 2015 02:00 PM

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Empowering Relationships - Emotional Liberation

Relationships are beautiful, complex, and occasionally scary!

They are the places where we can feel we have the least control and the most to lose.

They are the places where we want the most love and connection, but can feel the most insecure. And it’s amazing how confused we can be in relationships, both by the behavior of whoever we are in relationship with, and even by our own unexpected relationship behaviors!

But having said all of that, when any relationship, (be it romantic, a friendship, or with a family member) feels safe, connected and full of love, there’s nothing better. Not even ice-cream.

We will offer techniques to stop you feeling lost, insecure and confused about relationships and emotions, and instead to feel empowered, confident and free to be yourself!

What to Expect
• This online course will give you the foundation to be able to transform your relationships with others through re-connecting with your SELF.
• You will learn to understand your own emotions – both in your life as an individual, and in the more complex arena of relationships.
• You will learn to better understand other people’s emotions and reactions – Where are they coming from? Why are they behaving as they do?
• You will learn how to strengthen your connection with yourself, to re-empower yourself, and trust yourself, so you don’t have to lose yourself in relationships.
• You will learn why you (and all of us as humans!) sometimes surprise yourself with strange, sabotaging relationship behaviours. You will learn to heal that part of self that can sabotage you so that it can become a driver of connection and intimacy in relationship rather than of distance and confusion.
• You will find more security, connection, love, and freedom to be who you are in relationships – without losing yourself or stifling your loved ones.

Let go of the confusing habits and patterns you have in relationships, and make way for the delight of deep connection – with yourself and others.

This course runs over 3 weeks. The dates are:

8th & 15th September & 6th October


Adi Dass

Adi Dass is a senior teacher of Shanti Mission, Spiritual Teacher, Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Healer and Spiritual Reflexologist. Through seminars and workshops and one on one healing sessions she uses the teachings and healings to gently assist in the release of that which prevents people from living a rich and abundant life of peace, happiness, good health and empowered relationship with themselves and others.

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