Empowering Relationships: Conflict to Connection

From Saturday, 07 November 2020 07:00 PM

To Saturday, 07 November 2020 09:00 PM

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ER Conflict to Connection with Gayatri

ONLINE 5 week, 6 session course

Relationships - whether friendships, romantic, with co-workers, or within families -  can be the ingredients that bring the most fun and enjoyment to life. Yet, it seems there are no relationships anywhere on the planet that don't come with the occasional conflict.

Depending on how we manage conflict, it can either erode our relationships, creating distance and resentment, OR it can re-ignite the spirit of our relationship and take us into a phase of greater closeness.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The natural cycles of intimacy in relationships
  • Common power games that arise in relationships
  • How your own personal energy affects your thoughts and feelings
  • How to speak up when you need to without exploding
  • How to communicate in a way that shares truth and builds connection
  • The key to be your most authentic self - AND be in a rich, close and love-filled relationship.

Course includes a PDF Empowering Relationships book

Early Bird Special - $65 off Full Price if paid before 15th Oct (Not combined with other offers).

Full Price - $360 (Payment plans available)

Concession and Resit - $180 we accept health care cards, pensioner cards and student cards. (Please email a current copy to customerservice@shantimission.org)

For your convenience we are offering this program in two different sessions to accommodate our global audience.

Sydney 7-9pmSat 7, Tue 10, Sat 14, 21, 28 Nov + Sat 5 Dec AEDT
Sydney 10am-12pm:Tue 10, Thur 12, 19, 26 Nov + Thur 3, 10 Dec AEDT

London 8-10am: Sat 7, Tue 10, Sat 14, 21, 28 Nov + Sat 5 Dec GMT
London 11pm-1am: Mon 9, Wed 11, 18, 25 Nov + Wed 2, 9 Dec GMT

New York 3-5am: Sat 7, Tue 10, Sat 14, 21, 28 Nov + Sat 5 Dec EST
New York 6-8pm:Mon 9, Wed 11, Wed 18, 25 Nov + Wed 2, 9 Dec EST


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Gayatri Kamadhenu, Shanti Mission Spiritual Teacher

Gayatri Kamadhenu

Gayatri Kamadhenu is a spiritual teacher, Master Ignite Your Spirit therapist, and coach. With a rich background in psychology and spirituality, Gayatri has been facilitating Satsangs and seminars with Shanti Mission since early 2009. Gayatri’s passions as a teacher include themes of emotional empowerment, relationships, purpose, vibration and authenticity. She recently completed her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in London, and is currently studying the effect of various spiritual tools and teachings on psychological wellbeing. Gayatri has co-written and facilitated many adult-education seminars and retreats in Australia, the UK and the USA. She has also released a pop album themed around finding authenticity and unconditional love in life. Now living in the United Kingdom, Gayatri leads Shanti Mission UK and Europe. 

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