Friday Mystery School Class

From Friday, 03 July 2020 10:00 AM

To Friday, 03 July 2020 12:00 PM

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213 Martinsville Rd

Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300


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Friday Mystery School with Shakti Durga

Those who have been studying with Shakti Durga for a long time will remember the amazing Thursday morning class, where Guru was in the house and we had initiations, ceremonies, blessings, activations and full blazing Divine glory.  The collective karma of our group is now ready to proceed to another level, and the time has come to bring this program back.  The class will now be held online on Friday morning at 10am and is an initiatory Mystery School program.

Content of teachings will arise from the consciousness of nature and those in attendance. It will be for those seeking self-realisation, spiritual activation and who want help to deal with the journey of being on a spiritual path, with the assistance of Sri Guru. As ever our intention is to help anchor the golden age of peace on Earth.

This is an advanced Mystery School event, please check the criteria for entry HERE to apply to enter Mystery School please email

*Mystery School participants - use booking link sent to you or see 'Everything You Need' page.


Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is a leading international teacher of spiritual transformation, sharing ancient wisdom and activations for spiritual enlightenment. She is a highly respected master energy healer, author and sacred musician. She empowers people with practical tools to create better lives. She is the founder and inspirational leader of registered charity The Wellbeing Initiative. Visit for more information, books, mp3s, courses, inspirational card decks and guided meditations.

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