Mystery School Weekend Intensive

From Friday, 30 October 2020 07:00 PM

To Sunday, 01 November 2020 03:00 PM

Event ID: 25518

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Harmony Centre

213 Martinsville Road

Cooranbong Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300



Non Member - $450.00

FOSM Member - $220.00

Volunteer - by donation (see guidelines) - $0.00

Event Details

Mystery School with Shakti Durga Weekend Intensive

In the Mystery School, Shakti Durga weaves inner and outer, Eastern and Western teachings to create a vibrant palate of colours and flavours of Divine, to delight the soul and help us to attain ultimate freedom.

Each of the Mystery School weekend programs will have an experiential focus, with enough teaching occurring to enable suitable ‘mental coat-hangers’ be in place to ingest the teachings.  The oral tradition as well as notes and concepts will support our journey.  We will also have projects to work on that engage with the inner plane to bring more love, joy, fulfillment and peace to ourselves and others, and to play our part in the unfolding plan of a new golden age.

The teachings will involve aspects from the Kabbalah, made practical and experiential. It will involve developing a relationship with the soul and Divine aspects of self, through deeper association with the Archangels, and the Holy Names of the Divine, from various traditions. It will involve working with the elements, crystals, and one’s higher self.

Each will commence at 7pm Friday and conclude around 3pm Sunday.

As numbers will be limited, and to foster greater understanding of the priceless nature of the teachings, minimum contributions will be in place. You can attend just one, or all of these weekends. Bookings will be closed when we have 40 people who have paid and registered.

$450 per weekend for non-Friends of Shanti Mission; $220 + notes/resources per weekend for Friends of Shanti mission.

Volunteer positions: Set up on Friday and assist Shakti Durga and staff to ensure ceremony and altars are ready. Administrative role: access list of Friends of Shanti Mission, receive participants who have pre-booked, deal with any last minute bookings if there is space available. Attend each Mystery School session to open and close building, receive payments, donations, learn money handling procedure, light candles and incense, assist with ceremony as directed, ensure premises are neat and tidy at the end of the day.

Guidelines for volunteers - for volunteers either with the Higher Guidance Mystery School or The Well Being Initiative that volunteer for 2-4 hours EVERY WEEK the programs are offered by donation. Donations for this event can be made here  DONATE



Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is Australia's leading teacher of spiritual transformation, a master energy healer, author and sacred musician. Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, with the goal of igniting the divine spark within everyone. She is the founder and inspirational leader of registered charity Shanti Mission. Visit for more information, books, mp3s, courses, inspirational card decks and guided meditations.

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