New Moon Fire Puja

From Saturday, 05 January 2019 06:00 PM

To Saturday, 05 January 2019 07:30 PM

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Abode of Peace

45 Kings Road

Cooranbong Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300



Offered by self-assessment as to the value you place upon it balanced with your means and spiritual objectives.
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Devotional practices help us connect with the divinity within. Attend the whole session, or drop in as you are able. All welcome.
Pujas are open for sponsorship: Click Here to Sponsor Online , or contact your local centre.
For fire pujas, please bring vegetarian finger food (fruit, nuts, etc.) to share that will be blessed as part of the ceremony.
View Shakti Durga’s videos explaining fire puja and abhishekam: Fire Pujaand

New Moon Ceremonies. Celebrating not only full moon here at Shanti Mission, but also the new moons. Honouring the cycles of creation and destruction, the cycles of the moon bring energies that build, and energies that help us to let go of what does not serve. Whereas the Sun is seen as eternal, and constant, the moon represents the things that are more cyclical and involve recurrence, repetition and tides. It can include rebirth and the transmigration of the soul. The new moon is the beginning of the lunar month in many cultures. Between the new and full moon is a time of growth and expansion in the physical world. From the full moon to the new moon the focus is more about the internal journey. Learning to move with the tides of energy can help us all on our journeys.

Our new moons will feature new mantras calling on the Divine Mother Varahi. Varahi is an incarnation of Lakshmi in her fierce aspect.  The fierce goddesses all hold keys to help us to unlock the Heavenly purity and grace that is the foundation of the beautiful world that our souls know is possible.

Varahi is associated with Sri Yantra, a mystical map of consciousness taking in every permutation of awareness through all realms. It is said that the highest heavens are very heavily guarded, and we have to earn admission to them as we raise our vibration and become one with the Divine. Varahi is the general of the army of protector beings who maintain the sanctity of the highest worlds.  With Varahi’s help we are assisted through the labyrinthine pathways that light follows, to our highest destiny.

For seekers of light, our new moon fires will be a very strong experience of grace and personal empowerment.

New moons can be sponsored at $117 per person. You can attend just one, or you can sponsor all 12 of the new moons that will be taking place this year, which would normally cost you $1,404,  but a yearly sponsorship brings a discount of $238, paid in advance sum of $1,166 or two for free! (Note in the unusual occurrence of an eclipse there will not be a moon ceremony however there will be a prayer or other ceremony instead). To sponsor please contact admin at Abode of Peace ph: 02 4977 3300

By attuning to the rhythms of nature we are not only helping ourselves, but we are also helping to bring harmony to all beings in all worlds, and to all of nature.

Also available live via the Shakti Durga facebook page.


Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is a master spiritual teacher and healer, author and sacred musician. Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, with the goal of igniting the divine spark within everyone. She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission. Visit for more information, books, CDs, inspirational card decks and guided meditations.

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