The Divine Dance of Eternal Freedom – Shivaratri Intensive with Shakti Durga

From Saturday, 02 March 2019 10:00 AM

To Wednesday, 06 March 2019 04:00 PM

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Abode of Peace

45 Kings Road

Cooranbong Cooranbong 2265


Phone: 02 4977 3300



Offered by self-assessment as to the value you place upon it balanced with your means and spiritual objectives.
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Join Shakti Durga, Shiva Kata Tjuta and Maitreya in the celebration of Shivaratri. Shivaratri is a celebration of the marriage of the great Yogic God Shiva, to the Goddess Parvati, she who is born from the Earth.  Celebrated by millions around the world, it is a powerful time for initiation and inner world bliss. Their marriage is our marriage to the Great Light that is within us.

Shiva is enigmatic, his name means bliss, but he is also Rudra the destroyer. As Nataraj, he is the Cosmic dancer and as Nityasundara he is Eternal Beauty. Amidst bliss filled practices and blessings,  will be looking at these facets of Shiva, and the weaving of our lives with the Cosmic dance.

Shivaratri is a time for the awakening to more enlivened consciousness. It is an opportunity for the exploration of your own beauty and truth, as well as gateways into the light and bliss beyond form. Our Shivaratri celebrations will be filled with music, meditation, mantra, stories from the Vedas and joyful exploration of the inner light.

The energy of Shivaratri provides us with a great opportunity to raise ourselves from our present consciousness to more enlightened states. If you are interested in changing your consciousness, this is a transformational intensive not to be missed.

Saturday- Please bring food for blessing and celebratory lunch. It will be blessed during the Maha Shiva Lingham Abishekham - eg loaves of fresh bread, fruit, dips, vegetarian salads or dishes that can be consumed cold.

All welcome.

Please note: seminar conclusion times are an approximate guideline. Our teachers facilitate the transmission of Divine energy for spiritual and energetic transformation. If students are energetically ‘full’ the teacher may decide it’s best to conclude the program ahead of the advertised finish time.


Sat 12.30pm Maha Abishekham - $140

Sun 5.30pm Mantra/flower puja - $140

Mon 12.45pm Maha Abishekham Yoni Lingam - $140

Mon 5pm Maha Shiva Fire Puja - $198

Wed 6pm New Moon Fire Puja Shiva/Chamundai - $198

Full Shivaratri Event Sponsorship (covers all pujas) - $792  (full cost for all pujas if paid separately $816)





Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is a master spiritual teacher and healer, author and sacred musician. Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, with the goal of igniting the divine spark within everyone. She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission. Visit for more information, books, CDs, inspirational card decks and guided meditations.



Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his students, clients and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature. Maitreya has an extensive background in Music Therapy and an unshakable passion for the healing power of sound.

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