Soulful Self: Bringing in the Blaze for the New Year

From Saturday, 12 January 2019 10:00 AM

To Sunday, 13 January 2019 04:00 PM

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Abode of Peace

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Offered by self-assessment as to the value you place upon it balanced with your means and spiritual objectives.
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Event Details

Appreciative Inquiry is a fun, inspiring and transformative technique designed to assist individuals, organisations and groups to become their best selves.

A positive psychological tool developed and tested in a corporate environment, Appreciative Inquiry has assisted hundreds of multinational corporations to dramatically increase both their employee satisfaction, happiness, and profit margin alongside their sense of purpose.

Gayatri has adapted the Appreciative Inquiry toolkit to be useful not only to organisations, but also to individuals. Through a series of simple but profound exercises, participants uncover their best attributes, skills and strengths, own them, and deliberately begin to utilise them in pursuit of the future they strive for. It’s amazing how effortlessly solutions appear through this well-tested technique, and what heights can be attained through their implementation.

In this two-day intensive, Gayatri will be teaching the basic tools of Appreciative Inquiry, which can be implemented almost immediately in your work and personal life. As we learn the practical, psychological tools, we will also be using spiritual techniques to open our hearts and minds to the self we would like to be and the life we would like to live.

Ultimately, we will draw upon our greatest strengths, skills and attributes to design and take steps along the path that will create the reality we yearn for.

Available for online attendance.

Bring on 2019!


Gayatri Kamadhenu, Shanti Mission Spiritual Teacher

Gayatri Kamadhenu

Gayatri Kamadhenu is a spiritual teacher, Master Ignite Your Spirit therapist, and coach. With a rich background in psychology and spirituality, Gayatri has been facilitating Satsangs and seminars with Shanti Mission since early 2009. Gayatri’s passions as a teacher include themes of emotional empowerment, relationships, purpose, vibration and authenticity. She recently completed her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in London, and is currently studying the effect of various spiritual tools and teachings on psychological wellbeing. Gayatri has co-written and facilitated many adult-education seminars and retreats in Australia, the UK and the USA. She has also released a pop album themed around finding authenticity and unconditional love in life. Now living in the United Kingdom, Gayatri leads Shanti Mission UK and Europe. 

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