The Matrix – Parenting Reloaded with Savitur Dhanvantre

From Tuesday, 11 August 2015 09:30 AM

To Friday, 14 August 2015 12:00 PM

Event ID: 1620

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Harmony Centre

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Phone: 02 4977 3300


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Event Details

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Meet Your Inner Parent

Meet, reboot and learn to work with a healthy style of inner parent. 
Learn useful practical liberating methods of managing your emotional responses in our every day relationships.

In many workshops we focus on the wonderful art of parenting the child  inner within, but what if we don't know how! What if we never learnt! What if our inner parent doesn't have the skill to manage certain aspects of the inner child's habits, moods, emotions, patterns and addictions?

In this workshop, we will journey together on the inner landscape, learning how to use the inner child as a guide to help us discover the inner parents that will lead us too a deeper sense of peace and self awareness. We will learn some alchemical processes, using Soul and Divine energy to re-program the inner parent, in a tangible practical way.

You will be able to use this method in any given circumstance to create congruence between what the head and heart say are right action and then following through with that in the world.

I am looking forwards to journeying with you.


Savitur Dhanvantre

Savitur is a lineage holder and future leader in Shanti Mission. Savitur is in his element when teaching, healing and empowering others. He is an internationally sought-after Master healer and teacher who runs courses, sees clients and facilitates regular retreats in Australia and around the world. In all that he does, Savitur radiates a calm, loving presence that invites his students and clients to feel safe and held. He is a master of compassion who loves to serve.

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