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Who is Shakti Durga?

Shakti Durga is the founder of Shanti Mission. Her courses and seminars teach practical, grounded tools and approaches to resolving conflicts, financial issues, health issues and feelings of emptiness. Because she teaches from beyond the mind, and helps students release and let go of blocks to creating better lives, people’s lives transform rapidly. Common spiritual concepts, and practical tools, such as positive thinking, suddenly become much easier.

Prior to commencing her vocation in spirituality, Shakti Durga was a practising lawyer for 16 years. She has two grown children and lives with her life partner in Cooranbong, north of Sydney in NSW Australia.

Who is Sri Sakthi Amma?

You might have noticed pictures of Amma around the ashrams or our centres or heard Amma’s name being mentioned in classes or Satsangs. Amma is an Avatar (Divine incarnation) from India and also the Guru of Shanti Mission’s founder, Shakti Durga. If you’re curious about Amma, we run regular retreats to the ashram in Southern India. Those who go on the retreats come back filled with bliss, excitement and appreciation for this amazing and humble Divine being.

How do I find out what all the names mean?

All the names used are a facet of the one diamond each of the names used represent a facet of the infinite.

Shanti Mission uses a lot of Hindu statues and music, are you a Hindu school?

Shanti Mission is a multi-faith spiritual organisation that studies and learns from all faiths, religions and spirituality. For example, much of our music is derived from Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and even Sufi schools. Having said this, Hinduism is very accepting of all faiths and spiritual paths and so Hindu practices and approaches, such as the devotional rituals, work very well with our own particular spiritual philosophy. At Shanti Mission we are very grateful and devotional to the Divine for all that we have been given, which is why devotion is the first pillar of our school’s eight pillars. We also get a great deal of inspiration from the oldest spiritual texts in existence, called the Vedas. These are the basis of Hinduism and were written as early as 1500 BC. We also derive teachings from the Western streams of wisdom and we teach the Egyptian system of Alchemy as well as Kabbalah.

General (10)

Why do you photograph events?

Photographs of Shanti Mission events are often taken by our resident photographers to archive and document Shanti Mission and to capture special moments. Some photos may be used for promotional purposes. Photographs usually focus on the facilitator of the event and not the participants.

Why do you film events and meditations?

We record events and meditations with Shakti Durga and other senior teachers to archive and document Shanti Mission and to capture the valuable teachings. Some meditations and other audio recordings are selected for release to the public. Audio recordings are available on Shakti Durga’s website: www.shaktidurga.com/store/

Some videos of Shakti Durga may also be used for promotional purposes. Video recordings usually focus on the facilitator of the event and not the participants.

How do I reset my password?

For instructions on how to reset your password, please download the following guide – download

What does Shanti Mission mean?

“Shanti” means peace and so our Mission is to create a more peaceful, loving world. We do this by helping each person create a more peaceful life so they can, in turn, assist in creating a more peaceful world.

How much do I pay?

Most of our other seminars and meditation classes are offered by heartfelt contribution/donation. We aim to make our programs and services accessible to all people regardless of their financial situation. We are very grateful for your generous contributions and ask that you give from your heart, keeping in mind the cost of a similar course or service offered elsewhere and what you can afford. For more information about donating for an event, please visit our Donation Guidelines page.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to donate money for a seminar or meditation, you are encouraged to donate some time volunteering at one of our centres. Please contact volunteer@shantimission.org for more information on volunteering at Shanti Mission.

Where are you?

We have locations and offer our services in various places in Australia, Canada and the USA. Our headquarters is The Abode of Peace Harmony Centre & Ashram, which is one hour north from Hornsby, 90 minutes from Sydney (allow longer if peak hour traffic) and 45 minutes south of Newcastle in NSW Australia. The Ashram is at the foot of the Watagan mountains and surrounded by forest.

Where can I stay during weekend seminars and retreats?

We have affordable accommodation at our Abode of Peace Harmony Centre & Ashram, and the Retreat Centre in Cooranbong, as well as our Southern Highlands Harmony Centre. Please contact these centres directly for more information.

To find out more about our accommodation in Cooranbong, please visit our Accommodation page.

How do I book an appointment with a healer?

There are many excellent healers and practitioners that operate at our various locations. To book an appointment with a healer you can contact any of our locations, or visit the Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Directory.

How do I volunteer?

There are many opportunities to become involved at Shanti Mission. Everyone is welcome to support Shanti Mission in whatever way makes your heart sing. It could be by helping sell the fabulous products in the shops; or assisting with preparing the temples for satsang; or preparing food for the tuck shop; training to be a barista at the Abode of Peace or helping in the gardens in Canyonleigh.

This is an excellent way to get to know people and become part of our community.

We call volunteering ‘Seva’ which is a Sanskrit term that properly reflects the spiritual growth and transformation that comes from helping a spiritual community to grow. We help our sevites (volunteers) to embody compassion and loving-kindness as well as completing the many tasks that are required to be done to keep Shanti Mission moving forward.

Just complete this form and send it to Matrika at seva@shantimission.org.

What is the Friends of Shanti Mission?

Friends of Shanti Mission are people who have found that the healing and education they have received at Shanti Mission through meditations, healing clinics or seminars to be so valuable that they want to make this opportunity available to others. Friends donate regularly (tithe) to support the work of Shanti Mission and to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of others. Access to the higher teachings are only available o Friends of Shanti Mission.

Study (3)

Do I have to do the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series from start to finish?

Shanti Mission offers seminars in two main areas:

These are:

  1. Energy Healing Made Easy
  2. How to be Empowered in Relationships 

Our Energy Healing Seminars are best sat in order as below.

Our Energy Healing Seminars are:

  1. Energy Healing Made Easy
  2. Ignite Your Spirit (prerequisite EHME)
  3. Yoga of the Mind (prerequisite EHMA & IYS)
  4. Heal Your Abundance – The Dimensions of Wealth  (prerequisite EHMA, IYS & YOTM)

Our Relationships Seminars are best sat in order as below.

Our How to be Empowered in Relationships Seminars are:

  1. Empowering Relationships 1
  2. Empowering Relationships 2 (prerequisite ER 1)
  3. Spiritual Mastery 1 – The Spiritual Laws (prerequisite ER 1 & 2)
  4. Spiritual Mastery 2 – The Hallmarks of Spiritual Evolution  (prerequisite ER 1, ER 2 & SM 1)

These seminars combine to provide a feast of practical and simple tools for living and easier and more peaceful life. The final seminar in the Path of Ease and Grace series, for which all other seminars are prerequisites, is Anchoring Heaven on earth.



What is the Self-Realisation training?

These seminars would suit someone seeking a path of illumination and self realisation, rather than casual study. You require a high level of dedication and application. You need to have completed the Path of Ease and Grace and you need to be a friend of Shanti Mission. Details are available from our registrar.

What is Mystery School training?

The Mystery School is for those who love to delve into the esoteric roots of the major wisdom traditions of the world, we explore such things as Egyptian alchemy, kabbalah, esoteric Buddhism and Christianity and reveal ancient mysteries in a practical modern context and we relate them to the philosophical Path of Ease & Grace, Tantra and goddess traditions, Hinduism. Is only open to Friends of Shanti Mission.

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