The Mystery School is inner teachings of the world’s great traditions, we explore such things as Egyptian alchemy, kabbalah, esoteric Buddhism and Christianity and reveal ancient mysteries in a practical modern context and we relate them to the philosophical Path of Ease

Category: Study

These seminars would suit someone seeking a path of illumination and self realisation, rather than casual study. You require a high level of dedication and application. You need to have completed the Path of Ease and Grace and you need to be a friend of Shanti Mission. Details are available from our registrar.

Category: Study

Shanti Mission offers seminars in two main areas:

These are:

Energy Healing Made Easy
How to be Empowered in Relationships
Our Energy Healing Seminars are best sat in order as below.

Our Energy Healing Seminars are:

Energy Healing Made Easy
Ignite Your Spirit (prerequisite EHME)
Yoga of the Mind (prerequisite EHMA

Category: Study

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