Friends of Shanti Mission

bigstock-Colorful-Solidarity-Hand-Tree-47713228Our Charity has been ENDORSED by the Australian Taxation Office as a DEDUCTIBLE GIFT RECIPIENT. You can help others to receive by joining Friends of Shanti Mission, this donation is tax deductible.

As a registered charity, Shanti Mission relies on the generosity of our community and supporters through financial contributions to our Friends of Shanti Mission (FOSM) program.

Through their contributions, Friends of Shanti Mission support:

  • Peace, spirituality, wellness and evolution of consciousness
  • The four pathways of Shanti Mission: healing, wisdom teachings, community and devotional practises
  • Program and events that awaken hearts, inform minds and ignite spirits
  • Healing and self-realisation fostered by our teachers, temples, classes, spiritual schools and community and the enabling of everyone to access these priceless opportunities

When we pay for seminars we are funding our own spiritual education and when we financially support FOSM we are giving to help others receive their spiritual education, this is a transformational gift.

Make a Donation

You are invited to make a one-off or regular donation using the online donation form. We value all donations, no matter how small. Without them, we would not be able to offer the services that we do.

It is our intention that all who donate to Shanti Mission are blessed with tremendous abundance in their lives, in the form that is needed most. May your generosity return to you a thousand-fold.

You can make a contribution by direct deposit or via our Online Giving page.

Direct Deposit
Friends of Shanti Mission
Bank: Commonwealth
Account Name: Friends of Shanti Mission
BSB: 062 832
Account No: 1013 8000
Description/Ref: e.g. FoSM JSmith OR TITHING JSmith

Other payment methods are available if you are unable to pay by credit card. Please contact the Abode of Peace Ashram for more information.

How Are Donations Used?

These funds allow us to run the business side of things, including payment of rent, utilities and overheads at our centres and paying our small team of staff. It also supports us in offering the majority of our events ‘by donation’; allowing everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to attend and benefit from our programs.

We only use our funds on charitable work and its administration.

According to the constitution 
of Shanti Mission Harmony Centres, a registered and audited charity, we will only spend funds on 
charitable work and its administration.

We are a tax exempt charity audited every year with a report
 submitted to Australian Charities and Not-for-profits commission in respect of our activities, income and expenditure. Our accounts are open for inspection by appointment by contacting 
the Accountant at the Abode of Peace Harmony Centre & Ashram. Alternatively, you can view our annual Financial Statements on our We’re a Charity page.

As a Requirement for Higher Learning

In order to access the teachings contained in higher learning programs at Shanti Mission, such as the Mystery School, Make a Difference Training, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Training and Self-Realisation Training, it is a requirement to be a regular contributor to Friends of Shanti Mission. This is because generosity of spirit is a prerequisite to higher learning.

Whilst being a ‘Friend’ is a requirement at this level, the amount and regularity of donations is entirely up to the individual, in accordance with their financial means.

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