Energy Healing Made Easy and Ignite Your Spirit Seminars

Ignite Your Spirit 2

The following testimonials were received from participants of the Energy Healing Made Easy (formerly Ignite Your Spirit 1) and Ignite Your Spirit seminars:

“I am so in awe of the quality of this education, the potency of it, the generosity.  The whole weekend was a blessing.”

“The clarity of Shakti Durga’s delivery! The course was so easy to comprehend. This made it a delight to learn.”

“Thank you. Can’t wait for the next seminar!!”

“The energetic transfer of Shakti Durga’s energy is amazing.”

“Best teacher and teachings on the planet. As always Shakti Durga was amazing.  We love and appreciate her eloquence, humour, wisdom and sharing. Life changing!”

“This course was a brilliant compilation of personal development and spirituality, helping us to create change at several levels of vibration simultaneously.”

“I was so impressed by the integration of teachings from a wide variety of psychological and spiritual sources.  The teaching is so accessible, universal and structured with skill and wisdom.”

“Incredible and fantastic organisation, course design and content.”

“Very powerful and inspiring.”

“Excelled my expectations with clear easy to use tools.”

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