Individual Healing

girl-meditatingIgnite Your Spirit Therapy is a one-on-one healing modality with transformative effects on all areas of your life.

We believe every person has a mind, body and spirit and will be in optimal health and fulfilment in life when these elements are in balance and harmony. At Shanti Mission, we not only teach the mind and heal the physical body, but we also use energy healing and spiritual blessings to help people awaken and free their spirit at a very profound level.

You can book an Ignite Your Spirit Therapy session through any of our centres. We also offer ‘healing clinics’ where supervised student practitioners provide healings by donation. If you are interested in becoming an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, courses start around Australia and online throughout the year.

Find a qualified healer or attend a healing clinic near you, or contact your local centre for details.

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