LIFT Meditation Technique

Lift Meditation


Studies have shown that meditation therapies can be used to reduce the experience of depression, stress and anxiety, especially when combined with elements of positive psychology, cognitive therapy or counselling.

Experience highly trained caring therapists who expertly guide you in a unique style of meditation specifically designed to reduce pain, depression, stress and anxiety, replacing them with a sense of lightness and possibility, wellbeing and peace. Utilising a unique combination of evidence based methods, including guided visualisation, intention, cognitive refocus and counselling, lift meditation is optimally delivered in a series of 8 sessions over 8-12 weeks.


Lift meditation helping with painPain is inflamed energy which builds up in the body through a wide variety of mechanisms including disease and injury. Pain is also an emotion which can bring suffering and disability. With LIFT Meditation technique the therapist clears away the inflamed energy creating in most cases alleviation of symptoms partially or fully. As with the use of pain killing medication, it is necessary to repeat the treatment so as to continue the alleviation of discomfort. Over time, the therapist assists the client to find the core of the pain, learn to release stuck energy themselves and provides the client with energy tools and specific meditations to manage their condition. Very often less medication is required and sometimes surgery can be avoided. If surgery is still necessary, LIFT Meditation technique helps to prepare the body and immune system of the client to optimise rapid recovery from surgery.

Depression Studies

Lift meditation helping with depression47 studies of meditation showed it lessens anxiety depression and pain equal to medication, but without troubling side effects – John Hopkins University.

In 300 people with such severe depression that medication could not prevent relapse, mindfulness based cognitive therapy was as effective as usual psychiatric treatment and basic cognitive therapy. It was more effective than both if there was also childhood trauma – Journal of Consulting and clinical psychology 82:2 2014

The more severe the depression, the larger become the benefits of meditation based cognitive therapies.

LIFT Meditation technique is a form of meditative cognitive reframing which has been used effectively since 1999.

What People Are Saying

“On every occasion that I have met Shakti Durga, I have been impressed by her commitment to healing. She has put herself and her students under rigorous training, discipline and practices. She attempts to build in science and research to validate her work. I have seen her treat a group of skeptic physicians and was able to interview them afterwards. They spoke about how they were confused at how they felt so peaceful and calm after their sessions.”

Psychiatrist Badri Rickhi, MBBS, FRCP Member, The International Association of HealthCare Professionals Dr. Rickhi is clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Calgary. A psychiatrist who specializes in the relationship between mental health and spirituality, Dr. Rickhi is research chair and a founding member of CINIM (the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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