Meditation & Sound Healing

Healing is the process by which we become whole and attain optimal functioning. This can occur on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most people at some point in their lives have experienced the need for healing, whether it be due to a physical illness, an emotional wound, depression, relationship challenges and the list goes on.

At Shanti Mission we are interested in healing on all levels and we offer a number of programs that can be used to assist people on their healing journey. These include Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, group meditations and programs that incorporate healing sounds and music.


Sitting meditationInterest in meditation has gone up in recent years because of how well the health benefits have been documented. Meditation is great for our bodies, minds and spirits and can be used to heal a variety of maladies in life.

At Shanti Mission, we teach and practice various forms of meditation that are quite easy for beginners. Our meditations are generally guided and more ‘active’ than other forms of meditation, incorporating visualisations and practices to help release old energy from the mind, body and spirit. People who have been unable to maintain mindfulness practices or single-pointed awareness have found our style of meditation very helpful. We believe that all forms of meditation are valuable, and we are grateful that there are so many types of meditation available for people to find the style that suits them best. Our style of meditation is another way of achieving peace and stillness in the mind and body.

Our meditation facilitators are also registered Ignite Your Spirit therapists and incorporate this amazing modality into the meditation session to maximise the potential for healing and transformation to occur.

In addition to our dedicated group healing meditation sessions, meditation is also included as part of many of our other programs, including seminars, intensives and Satsangs.

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Sound Healing

Music and sound are powerful tools for healing and transformation. The vibration of sounds can reach within your being and into your soul, helping you to let go of old, stuck energy and experience bliss and joy.

A number of our musicians and therapists offer sound healing for groups. During these sessions you are invited to lie on the floor and relax while you receive the sounds of a variety of instruments selected specifically for their ability to move energy through sound and vibration. This is a very gentle and relaxing form of healing in a group setting.

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