Mystery School

bigstock-Old-Religious-Text-7209877The Mystery School (formerly the Higher Guidance series) represents a deeper, more advanced path for seekers of enlightenment. Shakti Durga has drawn on a wide range of teachings and modalities to synthesise a rich cosmology of ancient wisdom and teachings in this series of insightful courses for advanced students.

Each seminar extends what was learned in the Path of Ease and Grace and explores ancient traditions through the eyes of multi-dimensional consciousness.

Mystery School seminars are only open to Path of Ease and Grace graduates who are Friends of Shanti Mission. Our Friends are the generous people who keep Shanti Mission going through their loving donation of money and regular service. This is not donation in respect of attendance at seminars or satsang, but selfless tithing to assist others to study. If you have not yet been accepted into the Mystery School, please complete a Mystery School application form and submit to the Abode of Peace Ashram reception ( to determine your eligibility to attend this series.

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