Navaratri – a letter from India

Navaratri – a letter from India

Namaste beloveds, after a wonderful, surprisingly spiritually activating experience of flying over here, it was a joy to meet with the retreat participants at the Ashram guest house.  Southern India is looking green and lush after the hundred year floods late last year, and the weather is surprisingly mild, which is an unexpected bonus.

During this week of spiritual festivities, each of the deities is dressed and exquisitely decorated with flowers and accouterments, which denote which of the 330 million Gods they are ‘morphing’ into today.  The artistry is really amazing, thousands of flowers, silk sarees, ornaments of exquisite craftsmanship, so much time and love goes into creating the beautiful dressings for the Divine Mother.  Like everything Earthly, the beauty is ephemeral, created in the morning and dismantled in the evening. Each day a new scene of the triumph of the Devi is depicted in the artistry of the dressings, as another name and style of the Divine is invoked. Bliss is in the air!

The first night was a very joyful time for me, being in Amma’s presence at the Peedam Hall, and being welcomed home by Narayani.  Narayani Mangalam is a small statue which Amma manifested in the early days. Elaborate puja is performed daily, and during the festival of Navaratri, every day she is dressed as a different aspect of the Divine warrior Goddess Durga.

On the evening I arrived, there was Narayani Mangalam dressed as Durga, carrying her signature trident. As I approached close enough to see the face of the Devi, I clearly saw the monkey god Hanuman, complete with puffed out cheeks, big forehead and nose.  I was flabbergasted because my mind knew that would not be how she was dressed but She showed herself to me as a manifestation of Lord Hanuman.  I checked in with others, who did not see this but it spoke volumes to me, confirming a lot of spiritual downloads that had been received over the past few weeks.

This morning we had our first session together on the retreat and we meditated on Durga as the Cosmic Mother, Kushmandar. Blessings poured in and a whole new cycle of spiritual awakening was activated. Our energy field was filled with a Divine fire, bliss bursting out from within and radiating through our bodies and minds.

We have been to many fire pujas and each is a unique flavor of blessing. The energy continued to intensify until day 10, Dasshara, which is victory day.  On that day there was fire puja then a 5 hour abishekam on Big Narayani, with Mangala Narayani receiving it at the same time.  Amma did this, and then towards the end they poured 5 kalasums of the blessed water from the fire puja all at once over the Devi, then Amma poured the sixth one over herself, what an energy crescendo.   We were all exhausted but very happy to have been at such a wonderful event and receiving such beautiful blessings.

I will see you all soon love Shakti durga

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