Navaratri Fire Puja

Fire Puja, Shanti Mission

“I’ve been attending the fire pujas at the Abode of Peace since the beginning of Navaratri (spiritual celebration). The energy of the fires has been getting stronger and stronger and for me it awakens the Devi within more effectively than any other practice. Last night I was driving home from Sydney feeling quite down and apathetic, so I thought I’d stop by the centre and catch the end of the puja. I arrived as the last offerings were being made. As soon as I sat down in the temple my insides shook with the energy that had been generated by the fire that Shiva and the pujaris had attended. I received the Ruksha (blessed ash), theertham (blessed water) and prasad (blessed food) I instantly felt better, my heart opened, my cares melted away and body filled with bliss, hours later my body was still pulsating with the energy of the Devi, joy, love and peace.” – Alice, Cooranbong

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