Pathways in Shanti Mission

Pathways in Shanti MissionWe all want love, peace, joy and fulfilment. The problem is finding and maintaining it amidst the stress and business of day-to-day living. At Shanti Mission we strive to inspire, educate and empower people to bring more illumination, creativity and hope to their lives. Through this process of illumination, our participants become more energised, empowered and enthusiastic participants in the dance of life.

At Shanti Mission we offer four main pathways to Illumination: Healing, Wisdom Teachings, Community and Devotional Practices. Whether you are interested in healing, learning spiritual concepts and tools, connecting with like-minded people or immersing yourself in devotional practices, we have something for everyone.

Some people will stick to just one pathway, while others will embrace some of all of them. Feel free to explore whatever area calls to your heart. Each pathway provides a unique perspective for those seeking a better life in a better world. Whichever pathway you choose to take, you can build on what you already know and experience expansion of consciousness, inner peace, and more love, joy and fulfilment.

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