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Employment Opportunities at the Abode of Peace

There are currently no vacancies for paid roles.

We would appreciate assistance with the following volunteer roles:


Front of House Volunteers

The Abode of Peace is open 6 days a week with 20 plus offering to the public each week including classes, meditations, healing clinics and Satsang. This volunteer team will work hand in hand with the Abode Manager – Tulasi Devi and customer service manager – Kalki Durga and, to provide a world class Ashram experience.

We are now looking for people to become a regular part of the Front of House volunteer team in the following key positions:

Meet and Greet | Venue Assistant | Healing Clinic Assistant | Shop Assistant | Donation Assistant | Company Secretary

Please email your interest in which positions to abodemanager@shantimission.org or speak with Tulasi Devi at Reception for further information.

What’s new

We are looking for people who can commit to a minimum of 8 hrs each Month on a Volunteer Roster. In committing to the ‘roster’ as you will not be attending a course at same time.

How we can support you

You will become part of the valued Front of House service team with an induction and training sessions. A great chance to learn new skills and keep current with previous experience

You will be recognisable to the public with a professional name badge.

You will be able to attend Lift Sessions and be supported by healings from Shakti Durga’s senior disciples.


Meet and Greet

This role is the first point of contact for all guests and community members at the centre. Your role is the manager of first impressions.
Role: Your role is make the arrival and checking in process ease and grace, to orientate new comers around the centre and to ensure all participants know the details of when and where their event is being held, whether there is a service roster to complete, notes to pick up from Reception or lunch order details.

Days: Peak program day usually Saturday, Sunday & Monday, plus retreat days.

Time: 8:30am to 10am

Venue Assistant

This position requires a mix of technical and organisational skills.

Role: You will set up the temple to meet the audio/visual needs of the teacher.

Set-up also included chair layouts, cleanliness and distribution of teaching materials and announcements.

You will liase with the Teacher to assist their needs on the day, for example glasses of water or tea, manage attendance sheets, assist with Scholarship student enquiries etc

Days: Peak program day usually Saturday, Sunday & Monday, plus retreat days.

Time: 8:30am to 10am 

Healing Clinic Assistant

We are seeking sevites to ‘meet and greet’ and support Healing Clinic clients. As Shanti Mission ambassadors you will be the first point of contact for all guests and community members, ensuring the sign in process and ashram orientations are conducted in a smooth and friendly manner. You will be responsible for managing the client files and documentation. So organisation, confidentiality and an eye for details is rally essential.

Role: You role is to communicate when and where the healings are being held, as well as answer questions on the services provided by the Abode of Peace.

Days: Healing Clinic Days – currently Mondays & Wednesdays

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

Shop Assistant

This is a key customer service position to assist the shop manager.

Role: You will be second cashier on peak periods, so you will need to confidence in working with computers and dealing with eftpos payments and handling cash.

You will be encourage to ‘know’ the products that are sold in our shop so you can assist people to fulfill their needs.

Days: Peak program day usually Saturday, Sunday & Monday, plus retreat days.

Time: 11am to 3pm

Donation Assistant

This position is to ensure that donation from courses as well as tax-deductible Building Fund donation and Friends of Shanti Mission are efficiently processed.

Role: You will need to confidence in working with computers.

You will be presentable, friendly and have confident communication skills.

Days: Peak program day usually Saturday, Sunday & Monday, plus retreat days.

Time: 11am to 3pm

Tuck Shop

Our tuck shop is up and running with the delicious dishes of Annapurna delighting staff, student, teacher and aspirant alike.

Annapurna has graciously taken on the role of creating healthy and yummy food for our good health and convenience.

The tuck shop requires as many community members as possible to become involved that it may run smoothly and efficiently.

Stellar Maya will be co-ordinating shifts, rosters and communication she will be your go to person for anything in relation to service with the Tuck Shop.

Here at Shanti Mission we know that many you have selflessly served in this area and Stellar Maya in co-operation with Annapurna would like to create a beautiful, worthwhile and satisfying outlet for those of you who are drawn to serve in this way.

We will be organising a lift session as well as training events so that we can all feel confident and on the same page.

If you would like to be part of this vital team please email: stellarmaya@shantimission.org

Seeking Expressions of Interest: Company Secretary, Shanti Mission Harmony Centres

We are seeking an enthusiastic, organised and flexible person to take on the volunteer role of Company Secretary of Shanti Mission Harmony Centres. The successful applicant will work closely with the Chairperson of the Shanti Mission Board (Shakti Durga) and the Chairperson of the Shanti Mission Compliance Committee (Somamrita) to support the smooth running of these important aspects of the governance of Shanti Mission.

The time commitment is the equivalent of approximately one day per week.

For enquiries and applications for this important sevite role please email our General Manager Gauri on operationsmanager@shantimission.org

Teaching on Grace by Shakti Durga

Karmic grace is like a life insurance policy, house insurance, car insurance and every other kind of insurance rolled into one. Karmic grace is developed by giving, forgiving and serving. There is no way around this necessity, which is often overlooked, and such a simple key to the breakthrough of previously impossible situations.

Developing karmic grace inevitably develops and cleanses the heart chakra. It liberates the heart chakra, which is the lock on the Divine doorway. There is always another level we can reach with developing grace and the practices here get stronger with time as do any spiritual practices. 

Karma yoga is the yoga of service. It is doing things for other people that they need help with. It is deliberately doing things for the benefit of others. Bhakti yoga is the advanced practice of karma yoga. It is the doing of everything with love. If you are washing up, do it with love. If you are cooking, working, or purchasing something in a shop, do it with love. This practice makes a huge difference to our spiritual and emotional unfoldment.


All new positions available will be listed on this page, so please check for updates.

If you’re interested in volunteering your time or skills, we’d love to hear from you. Please email volunteer@shantimission.org

Updated: 17 August 2016

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