Prayer Circle

Heart CandlesShanti Mission prays with those seeking spiritual support and serves people of all faiths from all parts of the world.

The Shanti Mission Prayer Circle prays affirmatively, believing that Divine assistance is everywhere present and active in and through all lives. Our mission is to serve with sensitivity, compassion, and confidentiality.

You are invited to submit the name of a person who may be in need of Divine assistance. From the moment a prayer request is received, the sender is lovingly enfolded in prayer. Prayer requests are held in loving consciousness of oneness with God and Guru, and are kept active for 30 days. Every prayer request is held as sacred and confidential and receives the same loving attention.

This service is available to anyone as a reminder that you are never alone, no matter what the circumstance.

To submit a prayer request, please email with a brief statement of your request. We ask that you simply state the first name of an individual or the name of a family or group in your request.

Would you like to support this amazing service?

Should you wish to make a financial contribution for this service, you can do so via the general donation form on our online giving page.

Would you like to join the Prayer Circle?

The Prayer Circles meets every Thursday evening at the Abode of Peace, 45 Kings Rd, Cooranbong. All welcome. For more information please email

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