Project Hope

bigstock-A-group-of-decorative-Indian-D-52639642Project Hope is a program to help those who suffer with depression. Numerous studies have shown that approaches that were once deemed to be ‘alternative,’ such as meditation, mindfulness training and energy healing, are very effective and helpful to those who experience depression.

In the Project Hope program, our therapists provide free Ignite Your Spirit Therapy to those with anxiety and depression. A clinical psychologist oversees the therapy administered within Project Hope. The services provided are unique to each person and situation and enable the individual to rediscover who they are. We have witnessed many of our clients in Project Hope experience significant recovery from depression and become able to maintain a sense of hope and empowerment in their lives.

For those in the NSW Mining Industry, the government and industry have provided funding for specific assistance and support tailored to your needs. For more information please contact: project.hope @

Ignite Your Spirit for Depression – Read Results of Study

In 2008, Shakti Durga and Doctor Jagatambe Narayani ran a pilot study at the Sydney Harmony Centre that assessed the efficacy of an Ignite Your Spirit group program from people with moderate to severe depression. View the summary results and testimonials from the study about the efficacy of Ignite Your Spirit therapy. View PDF.

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