Puja Sponsorship

Sponsoring the powerful devotional practice of puja is a great way to ask for Divine blessings upon your prayers, to earn grace and positive karma and to serve those you love and all of creation.

You don’t need to attend a puja in order to sponsor, you will receive the grace, no matter where you are in the world. Sponsorships can be made with the intention of blessing your own personal prayers, or with the intention of blessing loved ones, communities or projects.

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*note: this online form applies to pujas performed from within the Abode of Peace Ashram, Cooranbong

To sponsor a puja, please complete the form below. Please select the type of puja that you would like to sponsor. If your selected puja does not occur on your selected date, we will allocate your sponsorship to the puja of the same type, occurring closest to your selected date. For sponsorships that allow more than a single sponsor, you can insert the name and contact information for additional sponsors, if required.

After submitting the form you will receive an emailing confirming your sponsorship details.

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