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Namaste everyone,

I thought I would share this story about what happened to a man in our community who probably saved his son’s life because he knew about Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy. I hope it illustrates the kinds of miraculous healing that we are all capable of. And just so you know, our healing clinics are taking place at 11am on Mondays at both Canyonleigh and Cooranbong, as well as Wednesdays in Cooranbong. This coming Sunday we will have a special healing clinic after satsang in Cooranbong, and we invite anyone who is experiencing physical illness, accident or disability to come to the clinic and experience IYS therapy. We would really love it if you can ring the Centre and book in advance, however bookings are also available on the day.

Blessings to you all, enjoy this story from Krishna.

Love from Shakti Durga

IYS – Red-back Spider Bite on 12 year old boy, by Krishna

I was cleaning out a disused outside toilet on our country property with my son Tom. A large female red-back spider fell onto his neck near the base of his skull and bit him. He brushed it off, and it landed on his leg, he brushed it off again but clearly saw it was a red-back.

After he spoke I looked at him and contemplated very quickly what to do. It was a 35 minute trip to the nearest hospital. His jaw had locked open and he was in pain. The whole area had started to swell and go red amazingly quickly. He could not speak properly at that point. His whole face became distended, locked up and he was in a lot of fear.

I invoked, being aware in my heart, calling in Amma and Shakti Durga and even just thinking about invoking (something I do every day) the energy was coming in.

I called upon the over-soul of all spiders, and did forgiveness around all the spiders Tom had killed in his life, and then the energy ramped up even more. More grace came in. I was directing energy into the bite at that point. I used then the energy that came from the deva of spiders, and the electric violet light, to neutralize the toxin and sweep it out. It was all done with IYS techniques of electric violet light, working on my intention that all parts of his body spun out the toxin. I intended that the swelling and the pain go.

I then swept out all the venom and toxin and pain, it felt like it was being transmuted. I worked at all this until it was all gone, the swelling went down, the redness went, pain went, it was 10 out of 10 pain to start with then came down to one out of ten.

I told him to close his jaw, it will close now. He realized that he could close it again. I intended that the jaw relax. It did. I used my energy to calm him down at that point. I got him to take his awareness to Guru, and calm down, I anchored him in the ground, as he had unplugged his root from the earth through the panic and fear. I got everything to slow down and stabilized him.

As this was an emergency situation it is not clear how long it took, but it did not seem to be a long time, a matter of minutes for all this to happen.

I wanted to make sure he was absolutely right, but there was so much energy coming in and continuing to come in to us both, we were both feeling peace and bliss, and Tom was excited and relieved to have had the healing. We resumed cleaning out the toilet, and it was a good learning experience for Tom, who like most boys rushes into situations without really looking and now he certainly will be on the lookout in the future.


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