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SM-to-IYS-cover-for-WebsiteCome and feel the energy as our musicians bring the grace of their spiritual training and pour it into sound for the benefit of all who listen. Music and sound are powerful tools for healing and transformation. The vibration of sounds can reach within your being and into your soul, helping you to let go of old, stuck energy and experience bliss and joy!

At Shanti Mission we use sacred music and songs from many spiritual paths, including Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu. Our music is mostly based on ancient chants that have been repeated by priests, rishis, saints and rabbis for centuries. These chants and songs contain potent, spiritual energy for healing, and we find that incorporating them into spiritual practice facilitates more rapid transformation.

Spiritual music and chanting is a great form of ‘active’ meditation. When singing ‘mantras,’ you can allow your mind to become filled with the beautiful repetitions of these ancient, powerful sounds and let go of troublesome thoughts, creating a deep sense of peace and empowerment.  ‘Kirtan’ is a Sanskrit term for a type of devotional music which often includes ‘call and response’, allowing everyone to be part of the music creation.

Shanti musicians are trained in nada shakti – the transmission of spiritual energy through music. They have featured at numerous international kirtan (devotional music) festivals, including Bhakti Fest in the USA and the BaliSpirit Festival.

New Music

Enjoy this preview of Shakti Durga’s newest sacred music album Oh My Goddess, a fusion of Vedic mantra and world music.


Shakti Durga, Shanti Music Ambika-466-2_lowres_band Maitreya_Mission Day-170_lowres Parvati Sundari, Master Ignite Your Spirit therapist
Shakti Durga; some of the Shanti Music team; Maitreya – leader of Shanti Music; Parvati Sundari – lead vocalist

Refer to the What’s On calendar for upcoming kirtan events.

Shanti Music

In 2007 Shakti Durga launched Shanti Music, a transformational music label. Shanti Music has subsequently released a series of spiritually charged kirtan CDs, many featuring Shakti Durga’s inspirational vocals, original collaborations, and contemporary interpretations of traditional kirtan chants. You can access these on Shakti Durga’s website in the online shop.

TV8 Vail – Good Morning Vail – Musical Mediation for World Peace & Love – 26 September 2017

“There is nothing like Shanti Music experienced live. They were a highlight at the 2011 BaliSpirit Festival. They had everyone up and dancing…”
Meghan Pappenheim, BaliSpirit Festival Director

Music at Your Community Event

Some of our trained sound healing musicians have enjoyed facilitating events for the local Lions Club.
Lions Club – Thank you letter

Book Shanti Musicians

If you’re interested in having Shanti Mission musicians play at your festival or event, we’d love to hear from you. Contact: music @

Shanti Music, Steering Committee
Shanti Music Steering Committee: Veena Vaani, Maitreya, Sada Shiva

photos by: Ambika

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