Shakti Durga and Leadership

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected spiritual teachers, authors and sacred musicians – a seeker of the Eternal wisdom from both Eastern and Western sources.

She is a master energy healer with the ability to ‘ignite’ the spirits of her students. Shakti Durga frequently assists people to resolve problems they may have been struggling with for years in a very short period of time. Shakti Durga has incredible insight and wisdom into what causes pain in people’s lives and uses her skill, grace and expertise to empower people to liberate themselves from that pain and return to the natural state of joy, self-love and peace at the core of everyone’s being.

Shakti Durga dedicates her life to assisting others, offering most of her courses and seminars by donation.

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Shakti Durga & Shiva Kata TjutaShanti Mission was founded by Shakti Durga and her partner, Shiva Kata Tjuta and incorporated into a not-for-profit charity in 2007.

Shiva Kata Tjuta is Shakti Durga’s partner in life and has assisted Shakti Durga for many years with the inception, creation and birthing of Shanti Mission. Having been a successful lawyer and partner of a very large law firm, he is an enormous asset to the Shanti Mission family. He is on the Board of Directors, and also runs men’s and mixed retreats in outback Australia, facilitates meditations and mentoring for people in the corporate sector and aspires to be love, strength and wisdom on legs in everything he pursues.


Spiritual Leaders

Shanti Mission has a team of spiritual leaders who oversee the charity’s programs and community services. This group of leaders is called the ‘Council of Light’ because their job is to create more happiness, peace and joy (which together we call ‘light’) in the world. Each member of the Council is responsible for a different part of the charity’s operations. One of the unique aspects of Shanti Mission is that each of the leaders, including our founder Shakti Durga, support each other while also holding each other accountable. It’s unique for a spiritual organisation or school to implement a ‘peer review’ system, but we believe a modern school for the soul needs to be run in a way that’s open and accountable to our community.

The Council of Light members are: Shakti DurgaBhadra Kali, Ganesha Ma, Ganga, Gayatri Kahmadhenu, Jagatambe Narayani, Lakshmi Ananda, Maitreya, Parvati Sundari, Savitur Dhanvantre, Shekinah and Shiva Kata Tjuta.

Sri Sakthi Amma

Sri Sakthi Amma Proclamation DayIn 2013, Shakti Durga visited the ashram of Sri Sakthi Amma in Malaikodi outside the town of Vellore in Southern India. On the occasion of her third visit in October 2013, she realised Sri Sakthi Amma to be her Guru, the embodiment of Divine Mother, the same essence that she had previously recognised as Parameshwari.

Shakti Durga and senior Shanti Mission teachers run regular retreats to Sri Sakthi Amma’s Ashram. These are life-changing retreats that include the private retreat program, as well as the opportunity to attend the devotional practises undertaken daily at the Ashram, including those carried out personally by Sri Sakthi Amma.

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