Bhadra Kali

Bhadrakali, Teacher and IYS Therapist

Bhadra Kali

Phone: 0432 585 445

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

Bhadra Kali


Bhadra Kali is a senior disciple of Shakti Durga. She is a Master Healer of Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, a teacher in Shanti Mission, a Master Pujari, a Registered Nurse and Child and Family Health Nurse. She specialises in helping with preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and with families and early childhood. As a Child and Family Health Nurse she also brings many years of experience with families, babies and children with her in her practice. She also specialises in chronic illness, Spiritual Growth and Devotion. Bhadra Kali is caring and compassionate and will do what she can to help you on your journey of healing, happiness and Divine connection.

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