Demeter Durga

Demeter Durga

Phone: 0415961013

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

Demeter Durga


Demeter is a Spiritual Teacher, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, Psychic and Spiritual Reflexologist. She is a gifted intuitive, clairvoyant and combines her strong connection to Shakti Durga and highly developed psychic ability to bring through new insight and lasting healing.

Demeter has been a practising IYS therapist for over 10 years and brings forth understanding, compassion, nurturing and Inner Child healing. These qualities effectively dissolve long endured core wounds, resulting in a healthy relationship with the self and true empowerment.

Demeter has been working as a Nurse in the Aged Care Industry for the past 25 years and is a specialist in helping people transition from this life with peace, dignity and grace.

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