Jagatambe Narayani

Jagatambe Narayani, Shanti Mission Spiritual Teacher

Jagatambe Narayani

Phone: 0402 581 486

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

Jagatambe Narayani


In her role as Ignite Your Spirit Therapist and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, she offers deep wisdom, purity and compassion. Dealing with the full spectrum of human experience, she helps her clients and students to let go of all that gets in the way of realising the truth of their highest potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Jagatambe yearns to help to awaken the Soul in everyone that she serves. She is curious, articulate, insightful, and devoted, supporting people to open into a space of powerful transformation.

Prior to finding Shakti Durga and Shanti Mission, she gained a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and was the University Medallist in Undergraduate studies. She worked as psychologist with children and adolescents; and as a researcher at the Centre for Mental Health and Brain Research, as well as with the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health. Today her primary focus is puja, teaching and energy healing. She regularly runs retreats, satsangs, mentoring classes, and leads the Shanti Mission puja team. Currently, Jagatambe spends half of her time in Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam, southern India, where she continues to serve via online classes, retreats, teaching, healing and in the Peedam temple.

In 2008 Jagatambe developed a landmark study into the effects of healing and spiritual tools for people with depression. The Wellness Study, facilitated with Shakti Durga, taught people the personal and spiritual tools from the foundation seminars and offered weekly Ignite Your Spirit healings to those suffering from depression. The results were outstanding, and paved the way for Project Hope – which offered free, regular healings to those suffering from depression as a service of Shanti Mission.

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