Mata Kali

Mata Kali

Phone: 0416 698 139

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

Mata Kali


Mata Kali has been a provider of complimentary health for around 15 years and is also a professional firefighter with Fire & Rescue NSW Brigades. Mata Kali is a qualified IYS Therapist, Teacher of the Path of Ease and Grace who has also studied Remedial Therapies, Meditation, Coaching, Sound treatment and Brain functions. She is driven to assist, support and uplift all who desire change and who are passionate about Igniting their Spirit in the Cosmic game of life. With the application of the profound teachings of Shakti Durga combined with her skills in complimentary health, Mata Kali encourages liberation through refinement, empowerment, engagement and restoration at a cellular level, as well as connectivity to the highest state of consciousness attainable to the individual. Mata Kali also facilitates the sacred Vedic practice of Fire yagam and received training in these from Guru Sri Shakti Narayani Amma in 2013. This practise promotes upliftment of consciousness for all whom participate.

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