Siddhi Devi

Siddhi Devi

Phone: 1-415-407-8989

Country: United States

State: Hawaii

Siddhi Devi


Siddhi 思谛 is passionate about healing and spiritual development. She has lived in both Eastern and Western cultures, and practices multiple healing modalities. She brings rich and diverse life experiences into her teaching and healing, including wealth building, Yoga and business.

Her training with Shakti Durga has been profoundly transformative in her life and she is dedicated to sharing the teachings with others. With love, respect, compassion and spiritual insights, Siddhi creates a safe space and sacred vibration to help people let go of limiting beliefs and energy patterns. Empowering others to awaken their inner wisdom, realize their beauty and magnificence, and enjoy an abundant life with ease and grace, is her life's mission.

Siddhi speaks fluent English and Chinese. She is experienced in offering teaching, counselling and healing, both in person and online.

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