Sri Yantra Shanti

Shanti Mission Teacher, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist

Sri Yantra

Phone: 0431 044 176

Country: Australia

State: New South Wales

Sri Yantra


Sri Yantra, PhD, is a qualified teacher and energy healer with Shanti Mission, also a lifelong Theosophist. She has a background in teaching, counselling and spiritual healing. Her careers have been a journey through the health department, women’s health, and universities, holding the constant vision of service to the Divine. She is an Ignite Your Spirit therapist, specialising in sexual assault and other trauma healing; and a Path of Ease and Grace teacher. Sri Yantra also teaches esoteric studies as Yoga of Knowledge based on the 12 Spiritual Laws of Spiritual Mastery (Shakti Durga) and other sacred texts. Jnana Yoga is a valid path to Divine Oneness and suitable for people who love ideas, and who wish to expand into higher consciousness through the richness of study.

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