Swaha Devi

Swaha Devi

Phone: 0408 003 604

Country: Australia

State: Australian Capital Territory

Swaha Devi


Swaha Devi’s passion and purpose is to empower people to find peace in their lives, relationships, and to live a deeply fulfilling and uplifting life. Trained as an environmental scientist, and with 7 years advanced spiritual training with Shakti Durga, she has a grounded approach to spirituality. Swaha Devi has a gift in fusing the practicalities of science, emotional intelligence, meditation, self‑exploration and other spiritual tools. Swaha Devi believes the only thing stopping each of us from blazing with joy and success is our ability to really love and believe in ourselves. Her authenticity and willingness to share her own personal transformation inspires and brings hope to her clients and students. Her deep intuition, honesty, gentleness and wit create a safe and refreshing space to discover and create new uplifting possibilities for your life. She offers one on one meditation, healing and spiritual life coaching as well as group facilitation in person and online. She is available to facilitate classes in the public and private sectors, combining meditation, emotional intelligence and wellness principles to increase job satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

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